TODAY   |  September 30, 2010

Jeremy and Melissa’s first dance

Now man and wife, Jeremy Gebhardt and his bride, Melissa, share a romantic dance to "You Got What I Need," an original piece performed by Joshua Radin from his latest album, "The Rock and The Tide."

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MORALES: And we're back now at the Hudson Terrace on the west side of Manhattan for Melissa and Jeremy 's reception after their beautiful wedding that we saw on the plaza.

Ms. McMILLIN: Mm-hmm.

MORALES: Now before their first dance, which is going to be spectacular, they're going to light a unity candle, and this is to symbolize the new life that you two have created between the two of you. Two persons becoming one.

ROKER: And for this special occasion we planned a very special performance by singer/songwriter Joshua Radin . The song is called " You Got What I Need " from Joshua 's latest album, " The Rock and the Tide ." It hits stores October 12th . Joshua , take it away.

MORALES: As Jeremy and Melissa continue to enjoy their first dance and their guests join in, we'll be back in a moment. This is TODAY on NBC .