TODAY   |  September 28, 2010

Obama looks to re-energize youth vote

The president is making a big push to get the same young voters who came out in droves for him in the 2008 elections to go to the polls for Democrats in the midterm elections. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

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ANN CURRY, anchor: President Obama is on the road, hoping to get out the youth vote in the midterm elections that are five weeks from today. NBC 's White House correspondent, Savannah Guthrie , now joins us with more on this. Savannah , good morning.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE reporting: Good morning to you, Ann. Well, this is an effort to get out the so-called Obama surge voters. Those are the voters that voted for the first time in 2008 for the president. A lot of them are young, so we're going to see the president today on the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison . There will be 100 companion watch parties around the country, really drawing a page from the old '08 playbook. Analysts say if the president, Democrats can turn out some of these voters, it might make a difference in some of these key races. They're really trying to generate enthusiasm. In a new interview, the president says it would be inexcusable for Democrats to stay on the sidelines this election.

CURRY: Meantime, Savannah , there is some news about the president's chief of staff, important news.

GUTHRIE: Indeed. Rahm Emanuel widely expected to run for office in Chicago , run for mayor. It looks like that will happen, and we could get an announcement as early as Friday. The issue, of course, is who would replace him. Would it be an interim chief of staff, or will the president go ahead and name a permanent replacement? So definitely something to watch this week.

CURRY: All right, Savannah Guthrie this morning. Savannah , thanks.