TODAY   |  September 21, 2010

Chilling 911 calls detail vicious bear attack

A city councilman from Bellevue, Wash., is recovering after being attacked by a bear near his vacation home in a rural part of the state. His wife’s screams for help can be heard during a dramatic emergency call. NBC’s George Lewis reports.

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>>> and now to the dramatic 911 call placeded by the wife of a city councilman in washington state as her husband was being attacked by a bear near their vacation home . here's nbc's george lewis .

>> reporter: this is where the bear attack ed the vacation home in washington. the victim, a member of the bellevue, washington city council.

>> there was nobody there, i was screaming for help. but nobody was there.

>> reporter: his wife lynne saw the attack and called 911.

>> 911, what's the location of your emergency?

>> i'm at the north shore road and my husband's been attacked by a bear.

>> your husband's been attacked by a bear.

>> yes, he's at the bottom of my driveway.

>> i just kept my flashlight on that bear.

>> at one point john can be heard on the tape calling for help.

>> i'm dying!

>> he said he's dying.

>> with bite marks on his face, head and neck and numerous puncture wounds all over his body was hospitalized.

>> he's getting better and better, it's just remarkable.

>> reporter: neighbors were surprised by the bear's aggressive behavior.

>> black bears are usually not that dangerous.

>> reporter: experts say people should never assume that black bears won't attack and should keep their distance from the animals. the overturned garbage cans are evidence of recent bear activity. the bear involved in this attack was tracked down by authorities and killed. for "today," george