TODAY   |  September 15, 2010

New tricks for old bridesmaid dresses

Think you’ll never wear that old satin bridesmaid dress again? Us Weekly’s Jill Martin shares creative and affordable ways to turn that gown in your closet into something you can use — like a picture frame, lamp shade or even a new dress.

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>>> today's wedding is brought to you by chevy. every models is backed by a 100,000 mile, five-year power train limited warrant.

>>> we're back with our special series, and in honor of the wedding that "today" is throwing in two weeks, we're going to talk about bridesmaid dresses.

>> it's a long way in two weeks. the "today" pride-to-be melissa was reunited with her groom jeremy stationed in afghanistan for the last ten months. they got to see the wedding party attire america gets to vote on for their wedding.

>> if you've been a bridesmaid, you know what happens the dress you peel it off.

>> people keep it for 24 years.

>> or they toss it.

>> not always.

>> jill martin has it.

>> this is kathie lee 's brides bridesmaid dress.

>> it was my strr.

>> i wore it because i wanted to show everyone, but we didn't trnz form this one.

>> i wish you had.

>> it's too good.

>> we had people send in their bridesmaid dresses and transformed them. nicole from our wardrobe department did it. under $12 for everything.

>> what do you do with them when you're done?

>> you can donate, for people that need prom dresses . you can buy or sell, and you can swap. people are going on facebook is saying i need a great dress for this wedding. our first one, we have a before shot of her wedding party of what the dress looked like. we made it into a frame and a scrapbook, so that's the dress. now look. for under $12 it's a frame with their wedding picture. how great to give that as a gift back, and then a scrapbook.

>> the one you showed she could have worn to lots of events. that's one you could.

>> you never wear that dress that was your bridesmaid dress.

>> were you a bridesmaid ever?

>> i guess i'm forgetting everything. i was a maid of honor once, but i don't know what i've worn.

>> i've been a lot of bridesmaid but those dresses i've never worn again. this is a great gift to give back. this is a broach and you fill it with pictures. that's a very nice gift. next we have emily .

>> ak the emily .

>> this is her friend lindsay's dress. we have the before shot of emily here, and we shortened t. added a j. crew sweater with a belt.

>> often shortening it solves your problem.

>> that's what you said about a bridesmaid dress.

>> how much would it cost to turn a dress into something shorter than?

>> nicole said $15 and under.

>> that's do-able.

>> next we have michelle from california. she's having twins. she's on bed rest. we have her before picture here. these are pink and purple dress, to that could be for her baby's room.

>> very sweet.

>> the tissue box and pillow. something from your wedding and put it in your baby's room. and then we have a very special guest.

>> we do?

>> yes. this is ci kcici who is say good friend of mine. she's four and a half. this is stephanie before dress. the bottom was a skirt. now -- we have to model. let's do your moves so everybody can see you and your hips.

>> we made it into a skirt which was under $25 and a rosette applique. these are different ways to use your bridesmaid dresses.

>> maybe someday you'll have bridesmaid