TODAY   |  September 15, 2010

What all brides should have in their purse

Style expert Jenn Falik, alongside TODAY’s modern bride Melissa McMillin, reveals which must-have minis every bride should carry on her big day.

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>>> "today's" wedding is brought to you by chevy. every model is backed by a 100,000 mile five-year power train warranty.

>>> what should every bride have in her purse? here's the wedding day must haves and she's joined by our "today" show bride-to-be. good morning to both of you. looking at some of these ideas, some of these ideas are good for women just on a night out, for a lot of reasons not just for getting married.

>> these are things personally i have always in my purse. they're all good fixes, quick fixes and sometimes good things come in small packages.

>> your first suggestion.

>> you don't want to be sick on your honeymoon. it's an anti-bacterial moisturizer that lasts for four hours, you can shake all the hands you want, you don't have to worry about catching a cold or something.

>> it's not offensive. moving on then to makeup, there are lots of sort of issues whether you're getting married or whether you're going to a party. what do you suggest that's not going to be too big to put in your purse?

>> these are all really teeny things. this is from hourglass cosmetics, the packaging is really cool. it's flat, even if you don't have room for this in your purse, you can put it in your back pocket. you can sit on it and you won't even know. we're seeing a lot more lipstick than lip gloss . you can even apply this without a mirror, it's perfectly shaped so it's going to fit your lip perfectly. it's great colors and it's just absolutely beautiful.

>> blushers.

>> this is from my couture, they're little papers, put a few of these in your bag, so when you touch up, you can get a little gloss.

>> and the concealer, if the makeup does go a little awry. it give you an air brushed finish.

>> now for a very long party, say for example you're really concerned about your hair or something else that may go askew, you have something even more surprising.

>> these are little staff fixes. these are dab or dot. this is a deodorant dot. you can dab it on, it on sashes right through the skin, or your hair is falling a little flat. so if you a friend one of your bridesmaids, if you have a bridesmaid, you'll have a signal, she'll go into the bathroom and plug it in. you go into the bathroom and get it done.

>> so you can just take a little container that you can just put on your -- so you can have that if you want to smell good.

>> or you can have the deodorant, whatever.

>> what i would do when i travel, i'll rip these out, fare them up into little pieces, you have individual fragrances, you keep an eye out, if there's a scent you like, rip all the ads out in the magazines.

>> i'm getting an idea.

>> and it costs you nothing.

>> disasters, which melissa, we'll make sure you don't have. we'll have a whole team that will help you with that. for those of you who don't have a whole team.

>> it's like beauty insurance policies . of course everybody loves these. it's great to have. i find that often i'm obsessed with them. they're eye makeup remover swabs. designer band-aids, if you have a boo boo , i love it. here's one that looks like a diamond. kind of fun. and these are the classic, here's a miniemergency kits. minibreath spray, little chap stick , so you can take these and divide them up amongst your bridesma bridesmaids. open this up and you can share.

>> melissa, we're so excited.

>> thank you so much. we'

>> we're going to just keep throwing ideas at you.