TODAY   |  September 10, 2010

From the catwalk to your closet

Glamour magazine’s Cindi Leive shows which trends from February’s Fall Fashion Week are worth investing in for your personal wardrobe.

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ANN CURRY, anchor: This morning on TODAY'S STYLE , fall fashion. Fashion Week is considered a very big deal here in New York City where all the designers showcase the collections that you'll be seeing in stores about six months from now. So we went behind the scenes at Fashion Week last February with Glamour magazine 's editor-in-chief Cindi Leive , who's checking out looks for fall.

Ms. CINDY LEIVE: It's the last show of New York Fashion Week . This is Tommy Hilfiger 's show. It has been a whirlwind this week. And this show has particular significance because it is the last show to be held here in the Bryant Park tents, where the shows have been for ages. We move next season to Lincoln Center , so this show has some special sort of sentimental value.

Ms. LEIVE: There are a number of trends that have bubbled to the surface so far in New York Fashion Week , we're looking at metallics. This is something that's been in the stores for a while, gold, silver, copper, bronze; the difference is you're wearing them for day, we saw this at a number of different shows, Tory Burch , Vera Wang , Isaac Mizrahi . You're taking your metallics up and you're not just wearing it out at night, you're wearing it potentially to work with a great little camel-colored coat over it.

Ms. LEIVE: Another big trend for fall that we're seeing is neutrals and I'm not talking about black and navy and gray, although those are still fine. The big trend is towards sort of camel-colored clothes. We're seeing a lot of denim, a lot of fringe, a lot of leather, little cowgirl shapes, shirts, everywhere from Derek Lamb to lots of other places. It has been a real Wild West frontier on the runway this week. And it's a very wearable trend , so I'm all for it.

Ms. LEIVE: Another trend we're seeing, furry touches. Neutral-colored or brightly vivid yellow or blue. Everything from coats to fur showing up on boots, on bags, little bits at the neck, around the wrist, fur piled on top of fur. If you like the soft stuff, you're going to be happy.

CURRY: And Cindi Leive is Glamour 's editor-in-chief and she joins us now. That was really fun to watch, Cindi .

Ms. LEIVE: Thanks, Ann.

CURRY: And it's really interesting to see how these might work, and this is really what the designers hope will become a trend . I mean, that -- they're unveiling it, really.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah. We see this stuff at the shows and then you wait to see what actually makes it into the stores. So those clothes are now in the stores and showing up on women everywhere.

CURRY: Let's take a look at one of these runway trends, and it's called metallics.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah.

CURRY: It's under that name and under -- Cara is actually our model today. Hello, Cara.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah. I love her dress, this is a little silver dress. And one thing that you notice about it, by the way, is that it's not Tin Man silver, this is not super bright. These metallics become much more wearable for day, as she's wearing hers here, if they're a little bit more textured, a little bit more subtle in their shine. And this, by the way, is $40 from H&M , which is just an amazing price.

CURRY: So they're already are knockoffs of the -- of the trends on the runway.

Ms. LEIVE: You're seeing metallics everywhere.


Ms. LEIVE: I mean, you know, every price point, highest-end designer and very affordable things you can find at the mall.

Ms. LEIVE: And, you know, I like this idea of pairing it with black, putting it with flats, it makes it more casual, you know, it doesn't feel as sort of out on the red carpet as it might.

CURRY: Does this mean that the all-black dark leg is still in fashion this year?

Ms. LEIVE: Yes, you can still do that...

CURRY: Oh, good.

Ms. LEIVE: ... and I intend to.

CURRY: Cara -- me too, it's fun -- Cara , thank you so much this morning. We've got -- now we've got Tina wearing the camel and denim pairing.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah, you're going to hear the word "camel" a lot when you read about fashion this fall. And we're not talking about the animal, we are talking about the color, just to be clear. So this is a great sweater. And, you know, what's new here is that you're wearing it with denim, it's a very all-American look. This reminds me of those supermodels from the '70s, Lauren Hutton and the old Charlie fragrance ads. And it just feels very relaxed but still kind of put together. And, you know, one interesting point is that you can see she's actually mixing her shades of camel, the shoes don't match the sweater exactly, and that's good...


Ms. LEIVE: ...otherwise it gets a little too matchy matchy.

CURRY: Yeah. So actually, you know, exactly, that seems like it's more liberating.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah, you don't have to sweat it.

CURRY: And does it need to always be in this kind of a preppy look, or can -- is it being used in a different way?

Ms. LEIVE: No, you could really wear it with anything.

Ms. LEIVE: In fact, I think this sweater would look great over a little sparkly dress.

CURRY: Mm-hmm.

Ms. LEIVE: So if you have a little gold dress and you want to mix it with something camel colored, I think that would look spectacular.

CURRY: Cindi , you've got it going on. All right. Thanks a lot, Tina . Well done. And we've got now our third spring trend , and it's called -- actually fall trend .

Ms. LEIVE: Fall trend .

CURRY: It's called fake fur . And we've got Jessica as our model.

Ms. LEIVE: Yeah. There was so much fur on the runway, Ann. I counted one day, there were seven straight shows where we saw fur. But one really nice thing was that there was a lot of faux fur ...


Ms. LEIVE: if you don't like to wear real fur either because of cost reasons or ethical reasons, there's a lot of great-looking stuff out there. And I love the idea of a vest because it's more casual, feels a little younger and more fun than wearing a full-on fur coat , which can sometimes make you feel like Chewbacca .


Ms. LEIVE: So, you know, I think this is a great -- a great little find, and this one is from BB Dakota and it's $75.

CURRY: And you can zip it or unzip it. I wonder if you could belt that as well.

Ms. LEIVE: You could absolutely belt it. You could wear it over a little short-sleeved top if you wanted a more kind of casual rock 'n' roll look for evening. You could easily put it over a turtleneck and jeans on a Saturday morning. There's a lot you could do with it.

CURRY: Mm-hmm. All right. Well, that's terrific. Thank you so much . We're going to bring all of our models out for one last look as we talk about what people should be thinking about. I mean, obviously, people want to save a lot of money this year and you're basically showing us looks that can be affordable if you look around.

Ms. LEIVE: Absolutely. And these are also looks that are going to pay you back because you can wear them with so many different things that are already in your closet, they're super versatile.

CURRY: All right.

Ms. LEIVE: So you'll be happy.

CURRY: Cindi Leive , thank you so much . I know you're running around with this Fashion Week for this coming spring.

Ms. LEIVE: That's right . Looking into my crystal ball.