TODAY   |  September 08, 2010

Fun accessories for the modern bride

From funky headpieces to wedding shoes dyed a blue hue,’s Dannielle Kyrillos shares fun and affordable ways to make a stylish statement on your big day.

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>> this morning on today's wedding, accessories for the bride. something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is traditional. if you are modern, you can still incorporate it.

>> we have this year's "today" show bride to be. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> lots of good ideas on the something, something new.

>> are there rules?

>> there no rules. being a bride you can forget about paying attention to rules. our job defines the newest and the latest. this is the one day you want to be like no one else. these custom options are made for you without breaking the bank. we have great ones. fun ways to add spirit to your look.

>> speaking of something old, you have a twist on this.

>> madam for will take your old piece fist you have charms you wish to incorporate and build these charm bracelets. she will build it for you or you can give them as gifts to brides maids. don't worry if you don't have them, she has an amazing collection. you can wrap it around the bottom of your bouquet.

>> you said you have a charm bracelet .

>> perfect, yes.

>> that's a nice idea.

>> these bands?

>> these aren't old, but they are old fashioned-looking. this is a real 1940s , something that we need a lot of. these are fro from twigs and money and they start at $44. they are quite affordable and it's real vintagy old fashioned in a new way.

>> do people do the garter thing.

>> talk to us about that.

>> sometimes they do and sometimes it's itchy and silly and funny, but something new, they make these custom garters and you pick the exact color. they do lovely beading. even if you don't take it off and throw it, maybe only your husband will see it. wait, are we supposed to be watching?

>> really.

>> what are these?

>> only the most important vessel to carry the beautiful rings down the aisle. this is something new from emerson this is a husband and wife team behind this line. you know there is a lot of love going into it. we have the real rings.

>> i'm not allowed to touch them, but take a look. it's something really pretty and hand made is a nice way to do it.

>> now for something borrowed.

>> this lady, her line is called romancing the bling. you can find it on etsy. she has broaches and pins and fashions them into hair combs and clips. a little sparkle and you can hook it on to the vail eil.

>> something blue?

>> these are from the shop. they do more than one thing. you can clip these on your shoes even if no one were going to see them. that is fun.

>> you could.

>> you, these could be a fun flower girl or broid's maid clip.

>> a hat or a broach or a pteradactyl.

>> the shoes are a fun place to do something blue. peeking out when you are dancing.

>> a great idea.

>> can you do that?

>> i wore blue shoes. maybe people see them and maybe not. there is something blue. these are from unforgettable moments and they come in a wide range of colors. do