TODAY   |  September 01, 2010

Cameras will make great TODAY wedding favors

TODAY’s modern wedding couple, Melissa McMillin and Jeremy Gebhardt, will give each of their guests a Sony digital camera.

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NATALIE MORALES, anchor: And we've got one last little piece of wedding business to take care of. And Melissa and Jeremy are tying the knot, you know, on September 30th , live here on the plaza. And last week we showed the love birds three dream wedding favors and we surprised them by letting them choose one for their wedding.

TAMRON HALL reporting: Yeah, just to remind you, the options were the new Sony 3-D Digital Camera , pretty cool; the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame , also awesome; and the Polaroid 300 Classic Instant Camera .

MORALES: So we let Jeremy and Melissa talk it over because this is the only decision...

MELISSA: Exactly, yes. Only one.

MORALES: This is all you get to decide in the whole process. So what did you guys end up choosing?

CURRY: I'm glad you...

MELISSA: We ended up choosing the Sony Digital Camera .

MORALES: Very cool.

CURRY: That's right . It captures HD video .


CURRY: So you wanted to choose that one because you wanted everybody to be able to have that? Why?


CURRY: Why did you choose that one?

MELISSA: I don't know. I just think it's a great gift and everybody can use it, everybody uses cameras, so, I mean, it's prefect.