TODAY   |  August 26, 2010

Meet the new Miss Universe

Ximena Navarrete, the newly crowned Miss Universe, chats with TODAY about her work with HIV/AIDS charities.

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>>> so what's it like to be the most beautiful woman in the universe? jimena navarrete knows because on monday night the 22-year-old from mexico beat out 82 other contestants to become the newest miss universe . jimena, congratulations. i was there with you.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> and you said then that your mind was a blank.

>> yes.

>> has it settled in a little bit more today?

>> i am like just trying to understand what is happening right now. really. it's a big step. and a big change.

>> i don't think you're getting your crown back.

>> no --

>> beauty queen --

>> every girl i think would love to wear your crown. but only you get to really wear it. congratulations to you.

>> what was the most difficult part of the pageant? of any pageant?

>> i think that i can't sleep.

>> because you're up early, right?

>> wake up early. this is the most difficult thing.

>> yeah.

>> well you're just so lovely and i know that you want to use this for a good effort to bring awareness about hiv/aids.

>> we are going to be working on that. and just trying to get information and work and work and work.

>> a very busy year.

>> what was it like to know you're miss universe . you're the universe, the whole universe?

>> well, i think that it's so -- so hard for me, difficult.

>> you're trying to make sense of it?

>> yes.

>> it must have been so emotional to be there, too, natalie.

>> i think what she's doing