TODAY   |  August 06, 2010

With this bargain, I thee wed at T.J. Maxx

TODAY’s Amy Robach takes a look at one couple whose “shoppertunity” led to their walk down the aisle at discount retailer T.J. Maxx.

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MEREDITH VIEIRA, co-host: Back at 8:37. From the location to the food and fashion, everyone has been talking about last weekend's big Clinton wedding . But not every bride and groom goes for a traditional setting. TODAY national correspondent Amy Robach is here to explain. Amy , good morning.

AMY ROBACH reporting: You can say that again, Meredith . Most couples get married in a church or a reception hall, booking them months, even years in advance. And then there are these couples. A wedding is a milestone in a couple's life, but saying "I do" the traditional way is starting to seem old-fashioned. Conventional ceremonies are being tossed aside as couples look for innovative ways to personalize their big day .

Ms. CARLEY RONEY ( People are desperate for ways to make their wedding more unique and more personal than the wedding you went to last week.

Unidentified Man #1: Jedi , everybody, welcome.

ROBACH: From picking a theme...

Man #1: I now pronounce you......and husband and wife.

ROBACH: dancing down the aisle, wedding fever keeps spreading. Voodoo Doughnuts , a Portland , Oregon , based doughnut shop, has an entire menu dedicated to wedding services. Since opening in 2003 , they've held over 300 weddings. Home Depot has seen their fair share of matrimonial glee, several in the last couple years.

Unidentified Woman: I like the out-of-the-box thinking, it's a fun, you know, memorable...

Mr. DREW ELLIS: It actually shows the true colors of the individuals.

ROBACH: For Lisa Satayut and Drew Ellis , T.J. Maxx was their dream spot.

Ms. LISA SATAYUT: A lot of my life lessons are connected to T.J.Maxx , like I learned the value of a dollar. And any given day, I could walk into a T.J. Maxx and I would see my aunt, my grandma, my sister, it would be like a family reunion. He knows what the store means to me and when he goes traveling, he'll only get a hotel if there's a T.J. Maxx within five miles.

Mr. ELLIS: For us, we feel like we're being true to ourselves in getting married at a place that we do have a bond at.

Unidentified Man #2: I'll guide you through everything you need to.

ROBACH: As Drew and Lisa prepare for the big day ...

Ms. SATAYUT: I'm really looking forward to walking down the shoe aisle.

Mr. ELLIS: I'm nervous for her about that.

Ms. SATAYUT: When I walk down the aisle, I might skim the shoes, but I'm going to try my hardest not to stop. But you're a lot better than a pair of shoes.

Mr. ELLIS: Ah.

Ms. SATAYUT: He's a lot better than a pair of shoes.

ROBACH: So did T.J. Maxx .

Ms. SONYA COSENTINI (T.J. Maxx Spokesperson): We have to make this happen no matter what. She said that this would be her dream wedding and have to make someone's dream wedding come true.

Mr. JEREMY BARTUS (T.J. Maxx): She's like literally in here at least once, twice, three times a week.

Mr. ELLIS: I feel like I'm already married to her, so we're just making it official, I guess.

Ms. SATAYUT: And I 'll still pick out his clothes and stuff.

Mr. ELLIS: And I 'll let you shop.

Ms. SATAYUT: Deal.

ROBACH: I love those pictures that they're going to have...

VIEIRA: Oh, I think it's great.

ROBACH: ...of the shoe aisle behind them on their -- on their coffee table, it's going to be hilarious. But we should mention -- we mentioned that Home Depot and some of these other places have lots of weddings, that wedding was actually...

VIEIRA: First.

ROBACH: ...a first for T.J. Maxx .

VIEIRA: Yeah, and when she said she loved him more than a pair of shoes...

ROBACH: That was good.

VIEIRA: Yeah. I'm not sure I bought it but...

ROBACH: But not all women could say that, I don't think.