TODAY   |  August 01, 2010

Any surprise omissions from Chelsea’s nuptials?

Bonnie Fuller of joins TODAY’s Lester Holt with the latest details on the exclusive, interfaith ceremony.

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>> heard by now, there was a pretty big wedding yesterday. former first daughter chelsea clinton got married in a lavish ceremony last night. here with more details on chelsea 's big day is bonnie fuller , editor in chief of "holiday there were so many bits and drabs of what we thought was going to happen. how did it add up to the reality?

>> well, it was even better than what we had heard. in some ways it was different. it wasn't as star-studded as we might have expected based on the early reports. however, it was more personal. it was very beautiful, elegant. chelsea looked gorgeous. she wore a vera wang gown, strapless, silver-studded. what made it was this silver belt that was very ornate and she kept everything very elegant, very grace kelly . her hair was pulled back, long veil, simple diamond earrings. her groom and bill clinton wore dark suits, very classic, very simple.

>> the former president lost a lot of weight. he looked good.

>> he did.

>> the guest list wasn't as star-studded as many suggested. were there awkward moments in terms of who made this list and who didn't?

>> i don't think so. i think chelsea wanted to have a very personal wedding and so when you saw the guests, they were mostly busloads of young people in their 20s and 30s in long gowns and suits.

>> their friends.

>> exactly, their friends. however, there was ted danson and mary steenburgen , there was madeleine albright , there was vernon jordan so you saw there were some big names who were friends of the clintons as well, the parents.

>> in terms of the ceremony itself, was it in fact an interfaith ceremony?

>> it was. and it looked to have been beautifully done. there was a rabbi and a minister in attendance. the couple were married under a beautiful hoopa. they had a traditional jewish marriage certificate which you can see in some of the pictures and the groom wore a traditional prayer shawl and yamica.

>> there were questions about how much this whole thing cost. some said in the six figures, some said in the millions. what have you heard about what the cost was?

>> there were guesstimates that it was as much as $5 million. i would say it was closer to a million to two million. i think that it was absolutely beautifully done. apparently they had the top fluorist from the four seasons paris hotel and they spent $500,000 on flowers. i would think that could have happened. the tents were expensive. a lot of the costs went into things that you couldn't see, like security. because they would have had to have had a tremendous amount of security and also a tremendous amount of help to organize this.

>> when you look at celebrity weddings, how do they do in terms of managing the security and the secrecy of this entire thing, the privacy of the couple?

>> they did an amazing job of keeping it secret. i mean look at just little details have come out. and i believe they may have had confidentiality agreements signed by everybody involved, the guests as well as everybody who provided services. but we do know now that it was catered by the st. regis hotel from here in new york and that there was a gluten-free wedding cake by a bakery in mt. kisco.

>> that was in deference in chel sea.

>> yes, she is a vegan so there were vegan foods and an option for beef for dinner.