TODAY   |  July 14, 2010

Matchmaker mom: I’m not meddling

Mother Geri Brin, who launched a dating website to pair off her son, says “we can be agents for our kids,” helping them cast a wider net in a busy world. Son Colby Brin, 31, says one out of every three dates is good.

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MEREDITH VIEIRA, co-host: We are back at 8:21. Matchmaking is something that comes naturally to mothers, they just can't help it. But one mom has taken it to the extreme. Geri Brin wants nothing but the best for her 31-year-old son Colby , and has set him up on countless dates for most of his adult life. Well, now she's even created a dating Web site dedicated to helping parents find matches for their kids. Geri and Colby Brin , good morning to you.

Ms. GERI BRIN: Good morning, Meredith .

VIEIRA: It's actually an element of a -- of a larger Web site designed for women over 50, Fab Over 50. But before we get to the Web site itself, Geri , you've been setting up Colby for years now, and now you've taken it onto the Internet to extend it. There are some people watching this that might think, you know, this is like meddling. Why do you do it? Why is it important for you to get involved in your son's love life ?

Ms. BRIN: I don't think of it as meddling at all. I think it's casting a wider net, helping him cast a wider net. Everybody's busy today. We're kind of like the agents. We can be agents for our kids, help them figure out who's right for them and have them work with us at it. But we're -- I don't think it's meddling at all.

VIEIRA: Well, obviously you're OK with it, Colby , because you helped set up this Web site .


VIEIRA: But there are folks out there who are going to be looking at you and going -- I know if this were my kids, my sons, they would read me the riot act if I attempted to do this. And folks watching you might say, you know, he's 31 years old. Come on, Colby , why do you need your mom to help you set up dates?

Mr. BRIN: Well, I don't think I need my mom. I mean, I'm also out there in the field doing my own work . But, you know, if my mom comes across someone who she -- who she thinks would be good for me, you know, there's nothing to lose. It's not like every night I'm doing something. I have some free time. So, you know, our combined forces, I think, you know, are better than just me looking.

VIEIRA: Do you get teased by your friends at all?

Mr. BRIN: I think that probably earlier in my 20s that might have been cause for teasing. But as you get older, people get more realistic about things and, you know, they're -- they open up their own minds to different things like Internet dating or being set up on blind dates, and finally, letting your mom set you up on dates.

VIEIRA: And is your mom a good matchmaker? Have you found any keepers?

Mr. BRIN: Her credibility's as good as the last date she put me on.

VIEIRA: Which was?

Mr. BRIN: She -- a few months ago she set me up with a very attractive woman. We went out on one date, we didn't hit it off, but it was -- it was a good set-up. There was a lot of -- you know, I was -- there was a lot of potential. But, you know, I guess then I dropped the ball, I would say. But some dates are better than others. I don't always agree to go out with the girl she fixes me up with, but once every -- one in three, I guess I would say.

VIEIRA: So explain how this Web site works, and the dating element of it.

Ms. BRIN: Well, you remember Fab Over 50 first, and that's for women to share their perfumes, their restaurants and their kids. We love to share after 50. We're very generous with what we've done.

VIEIRA: So moms can go onto the dating element...

Ms. BRIN: You go on the site and you enter your kid yourself, obviously with their permission. We wouldn't want a mother to sneak her kid on. And so she talks to her kid, she puts the kid's picture -- and I say kid because they're 21 and over -- and then she says why my son, daughter, niece, nephew, is fabulous.

VIEIRA: OK, so let me -- I'd like for you to look into the camera and tell the women out there why you think Colby would be fab-o for them. You have 30 seconds.

Ms. BRIN: Well, he's very family-oriented, he loves his family, loves his friends, he's really cute and funny, he's family-oriented, great and loyal friend, and he's healthy and fit. He just ran the half marathon successfully. And he is a fabulous writer.

Mr. BRIN: Funny.

Ms. BRIN: I said you're funny.

VIEIRA: Oh, funny.

Ms. BRIN: Absolutely, you're funny.

VIEIRA: All right. Well, that's a nice pitch there. Thank you very much , Geri and Colby . And if you think you have a match for Colby , send a picture to We're going to share them with the Brins in our next hour. Just ahead, are the days using the dressing room to try on clothes over? We'll find out.