TODAY   |  June 23, 2010

Van der Sloot ‘regrets’ rejecting psych ward

Murder suspect Joran van der Sloot told a Dutch newspaper that he “deeply regrets” going to Peru instead of entering a psychiatric facility in Holland that his mother had arranged for him. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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MATT LAUER, co-host: But let's begin this half-hour with Joran van der Sloot speaking out from his prison cell in Peru . NBC 's Michelle Kosinski is in Lima , Peru , with details. Michelle , good morning to you.

MICHELLE KOSINSKI reporting: Hi there, Matt. This imposing building behind us is El Palacio de Justicia , the Palace of Justice , where a judge could decide as early as today whether to toss out Joran van der Sloot 's confession and have him be reinterviewed by police or let all those details he gave up stand. In the meantime, he won't talk to the judge but he did to a Dutch newspaper. Joran van der Sloot is locked into near isolation at maximum security Castro Castro Prison , where a dusty old sign outside lists all the things you can't bring in, from mangoes to heroin. But he is getting his word out to Dutch paper De Telegraaf , which calls him the most reviled man of the moment . And he says, "It's my own fault that I'm here," that he "deeply regrets" the choice he made to come to Peru instead of entering a psychiatric facility in Holland that his mother had arranged. "My lawyer told me I will have to stay here at least two years. That's how long it takes before the trial begins. I try to make the best of it." When his mom was interviewed by the same newspaper, she said, "If only he had listened to his mother," something Joran himself now admits, knowing that his mother has declared she has no plans to visit him in prison. "I understand it, I have hurt her and many others too much. I wish I had listened to her." It is the closest thing to remorse we've heard yet from Joran . And the judge has called for a new psychological exam. In his first evaluation, Joran is described as showing "characteristics of an antisocial personality, emotionally immature, lack of emotional control, indifferent to the well-being of others." And at the very end "reflects a dominance over the opposite sex, a devaluation of the feminine role." To the family of his victim, business student Stephany Flores , who died five years to the day after Natalee Holloway disappeared, Joran 's request to now throw out his confession is no surprise.

Mr. JOSE CAMARENA (Flores Family Attorney): These are actions that delay the process, but in the end, the ax of justice will fall with all their weight.

KOSINSKI: The 22-year-old who told police he doesn't think about Stephany , who said he used to charge between 50 and $100,000 for interviews related to Natalee Holloway , and who has "no worries" tattooed on his chest in Thai, now has much to worry about. In jail, for how long, no one knows. Well, while he waits he says he's been getting marriage proposals from Peruvian women. But legal experts here don't seem to think there's any chance the judge will throw out his confession unless there is some real evidence of coercion here. But during that confession, police made sure there was a defense attorney, a prosecutor, a Dutch Embassy translator present to make sure that things were done by the book. Matt :

LAUER: All right, Michelle Kosinski in Lima , Peru , this morning. Michelle , thank you very much .