TODAY   |  June 18, 2010

Al visits 'Wizarding World' hangouts

TODAY's Al Roker tests out the tricks at Zonko's Joke Shop, tastes the treats at Honeydukes sweet shop and kicks back at the Three Broomsticks Inn.

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>>> if you're a wizard.

>> the streets are lined with magical places. i decided to hit the cobblestone streets and sample the wares for myself. we may not all have a fortune tucked away but luckily for potter fans gold coins aren't the only currency accepted at hogsmeade. ooh, zonko's.

>> welcome to zonko's joke shop.

>> i bet there's a lot of funny stuff here.

>> yes, right here we have our screaming yo-yos.

>> it's screaming.

>> it screams especially when you take it and --

>> wow. i might start screaming.

>> makes a quick getaway.

>> right over here our selection of pigmies for adoption.

>> i'm going to name it kathie lee .

>> kathie lee , all right. i can just see that. if i can get you to ring that bell for me. all right. we have kathie lee the pigmypuff.

>> come on, kathie lee . let's see if we can find hoda. a pet can really wear you out so i decided to stop off at the three broom sticks for a quick pick -me-up. that's good. that's so good it might make lord voldemort nice. and off to honeydukes for something sweet. what are the bestsellers?

>> our ever-popular chocolate frog . very popular.

>> a trading card underneath?

>> it does. you can lift up the frog there and you got a good one. that's a ravenclaw.

>> do you have the vomit flavor?

>> spinach, liver and tripe.

>> we found most of our customers don't like those. we do have fish and onion, ketchup.

>> you've got onions. i understand you have a candy here that's very much like matt lauer .

>> you must be talking about the pepper.

>> spicy? and hot?

>> and hot.

>> just like matt.

>> looks like you had some fun. stop it. stop it. nicely done. nicely done. okay. you brought back actually a lot of gifts, al.

>> that's right. you can get your witches hat, here is kathie lee .

>> you named it kathie lee ? because you had to name it before you left the place? does she know you've done this?

>> i'm sure she will. of course your houses, you have of course gryffindor and ravenclaw and hufflepuffs.

>> natalie, i don't know if you can hear us, the chocolate wands and that sort of thing, but these are basically every flavor beans.

>> i have a bunch of candies in front of me. i hope -- i have some jelly beans . i'm not sure what's what.

>> these are the bertie bott's beans.

>> there's a photograph of us. we had a screaming good time. just don't sit next to us.

>> are you okay?

>> you'll go deaf.

>> that bean is getting to her. natalie, we're getting ready to get on our brooms and head back to new york.

>> all right. and you have a busy week ahead with lend a hand, al. have a safe trip once again