TODAY   |  June 17, 2010

Last-minute Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is just three days away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to grab dad a thoughtful and personal gift. Us Weekly’s Jill Martin shows TODAY’s Natalie Morales some fab finds for any father.

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NATALIE MORALES, anchor: This morning on JILL'S FUN FINDS , it's a special Father's Day edition. There are only three days left, but don't worry, not too late to grab dad a thoughtful and personal gift. TODAY and Us Weekly contributor Jill Martin is here with some fab finds for any father. Jill , good morning.

Ms. JILL MARTIN: Hello. I hope my father is not watching because this will all be on the table after it.

MORALES: Yes, exactly, blow the surprise.

Ms. MARTIN: But there's still time to get great gifts on...

MORALES: Starting off with adorable outfits. Because we all like when a -- when a father and son coordinate a little bit.

Ms. MARTIN: I think that that's...

MORALES: Not too matchy matchy, but...

Ms. MARTIN: I think that's really true, as long as you're buying it that they can wear throughout the year. So this is Boden USA .

MORALES: So cute.

Ms. MARTIN: Just great shirts really in right now.

MORALES: Mm-hmm.

Ms. MARTIN: Of course the plaid. And then also bathing suits.

Ms. MARTIN: And then JCPenney , I always love when kids can save up and buy something for their fathers.


Ms. MARTIN: So $5 to $10 and it's adorable from JCPenney stores.

MORALES: So cute.

Ms. MARTIN: And they have for all ages, but we showed you the onesies because of course that was cute.

MORALES: Very cute. And the -- matching the shoe wear here, which is great.

Ms. MARTIN: Converse available at Target.


Ms. MARTIN: But again, these are things you buy, you can match with your dad and then wear them all year-round.

MORALES: OK. And look at these great Havaiana , the flip-flops.

Ms. MARTIN: Right.

MORALES: If you're doing World Cup fever, right?

Ms. MARTIN: And of course for Team -- right -- Team USA .

MORALES: Or Brazil.

Ms. MARTIN: But of course the baby ones are so cute. So these are great.

MORALES: In my household there's real competition here, Brazil - USA . OK.

Ms. MARTIN: Speaking of competition.


Ms. MARTIN: These are great vintage T-shirts . Everyone loves a vintage T-shirt.


Ms. MARTIN: If your dad just likes to lie around. We actually have a picture of Mark Wahlberg with his son in this T-shirt.

Ms. MARTIN: It's Sportique , it's available at Urban Outfitters . And they have all the different -- all the different teams, all the different themes.

MORALES: That's great.

Ms. MARTIN: And of course tonight Boston and LA , game seven.

MORALES: Celtics final game tonight.

Ms. MARTIN: So very themey right here.

MORALES: That's perfect. OK.


MORALES: Now we all have issues with our socks when it comes to keeping them in a pair, right? But this kind of takes that out. Right.

Ms. MARTIN: Well, my mother does the wash and I never get two back.


Ms. MARTIN: But that's the theme of these socks, LittleMissMatched .

MORALES: Uh-huh .

Ms. MARTIN: And what they do is they come in a set, but you can mix and match them, so if you don't get one back, it's OK, they all go together.

MORALES: That's great.

Ms. MARTIN: They're all the same theme, so these are great.

MORALES: They're adorable. And they have adult versions, too, which is great.

Ms. MARTIN: And kids, right.

MORALES: OK. Now personalized items. Now is there still time to get these gifts?

Ms. MARTIN: Well, this company says yes.



Ms. MARTIN: All under $100. Money clips, keychains, cuff links. You can put your initials on. Order now on the Web site ...

MORALES: Beautiful.

Ms. MARTIN: ...and they'll ship it in time tomorrow for Father's Day .

MORALES: Gorgeous cuff links. Too bad my husband's initials aren't on there. OK. Moving on now. Now this is a little bit of a splurge, but this is a great gift for the father who has everything but also likes to control all his electronic devices...

Ms. MARTIN: And doesn't like to move off the couch.

MORALES: ...from the cell, right? Yes.

Ms. MARTIN: Let's add that. From your iPhone , you can control the music with this.


Ms. MARTIN: It's from Brookstone . Three ninety-nine. So if you're laying on the couch with your iPhone , you can actually control it. And then you can also buy additional speakers to put around the house to control in different rooms.

MORALES: Oh, cool. wow.

Ms. MARTIN: So this is really an amazing device. Again, 399, but just an amazing gift. And dad never has to move.

MORALES: Exactly. He can stay on the couch and watch his games. OK. Now over here, this is the walkie-talkine -- what is it, radios?

Ms. MARTIN: Yeah, these are walkie-talkies.

Ms. MARTIN: What I like about these, $75 from Brookstone , you can keep in touch with your kids...


Ms. MARTIN: ...but they think it's a toy.


Ms. MARTIN: And they work up to 15 miles, and we tested it and they really work. You said that actually Stephanie uses this in the field, right?

MORALES: Well, no, she uses these, which we have coming up.

Ms. MARTIN: Oh. Oh, oh, oh.

MORALES: No. But these are fantastic because...

Ms. MARTIN: Yeah, and they're fun.

MORALES: You know, these are great for the kids and also if you go to a theme park or something, great to have one parent to the next. Now over here, this is what Stephanie was telling us she's using out in the field, it's the waterproof notepad. But this is also one of those things that if you have ideas in the shower...

Ms. MARTIN: Right.

MORALES:'re the man who's always thinking, right?

Ms. MARTIN: Right. I know your -- but I actually have this. I'll be showering and I think, oh, I have this great idea but you don't have a pen. It writes and it really writes under water. Look at this. I'll write my name. You see?

MORALES: That's -- and it looks like real paper. Wow.

Ms. MARTIN: Yeah. So it's great.

MORALES: OK, great.

Ms. MARTIN: And it really does work.

MORALES: Or if you dad has an idea in the fish tank that he's in.

Ms. MARTIN: Right. Right. You could always get to it. OK.

MORALES: That is great.

Ms. MARTIN: The callet -- now my hands are all wet -- -- I only like to carry my BlackBerry and of course it's attached to me...


Ms. MARTIN: ...but now -- look how great this is.

MORALES: It's like a wallet?

Ms. MARTIN: You could put -- it's like a wallet.


Ms. MARTIN: It has a space for your credit card and for your money.

MORALES: Very cool.

Ms. MARTIN: So this is great for the working dad on the go., $15.

MORALES: Fifteen bucks, can't beat that price tag, that's great.

Ms. MARTIN: I love these coasters.

MORALES: These are coasters. Now there actually is dirt in here and even some Astroturf ?

Ms. MARTIN: Real -- right.

MORALES: From the stadiums.

Ms. MARTIN: Turf and -- from the stadiums.

Ms. MARTIN: And then it's for each of the teams. And I found this on SkyMall for 39.99.

MORALES: Oh, my gosh.

Ms. MARTIN: So you can order it overnight. But how great -- it's actual dirt from the stadium, actual turf from the Jets Stadium .

MORALES: That is cool.

Ms. MARTIN: So it's a really cool gift. And the last thing...

MORALES: All right.

Ms. MARTIN: What I love about this -- we personalized them for dads Matt and Al .


Ms. MARTIN: They'll personalize these overnight, but a portion of the proceeds go to the Gulf Coast Fund . So you're also donating for a good cause.

MORALES: Very, very good cause.

Ms. MARTIN: And they're inexpensive, $14- to $30 a dozen, so.