TODAY   |  June 10, 2010

Hey Daddy-o! Hip father, son fashions

With Father’s Day nearing, GQ's style editor Adam Rapoport shares cool looks for dads and their little boys.

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>>> this morning on "today's style," father and son fashions. just in time for father's day. it can be hard to resist the temptation to dress dad and the tot exactly alike. but you don't have to do the whole mini-me thing to be in fashion. adam rappaport is here, he's " gq 's" style editor. let's get it done right off the bat, you don't want completely matching outfits.

>> dr. evil should not be your fashion icon .

>> but you can have a thread of similarity.

>> echo what your son is wearing. similar but not exactly the same.

>> let's get right to the some of the looks you are providing for us today. the cargos are popular but you've taken a slightly different look for father's day.

>> you see a lot of these dads in the big droopy cargo shorts. you're not in college anymore, you're out of the fraternity. this summer we love the plaid shorts.

>> kenny and stone, come on down.

>> kenny 's the dad. stone's the son. kenny kenny goes for the gem, wear a polo who fits. if you work out.

>> this madras look has been around for a long time but it is still popular.

>> everything comes back. right now we're in the heart of the american, early '60s, late '50s sort of style at the moment.

>> i think they look great. kenny an stone, thank you so much. the next look you want to show us is seersucker. here's another one that's been around for a long time. can everyone pull this off?

>> you can but if you're not a southern gentleman, don't try to pretend that you're one.

>> john and oliver .

>> we dressed them kind of sophisticated, dark shoes, dark tie, very urban. oliver , you don't want to see a kid in a full suit and lace-ups. let him have some fun. we got this blazer, all from brooks brothers head to toe . he can wear the seersucker on his own at beach and where the blazer everywhere for the next few years.

>> you guys look fantastic. thank you very much, john and oliver . next we have, this is -- you love chambray.

>> shirt of the season, the classic american work shirt where the term "blue collar" comes from.

>> jim and nicky . the music is because this is our executive producer, jim bell and his son, nicky .

>> look at pictures of jfk at hyannisport in 1960 , that's what he was wearing, boat shoes, rolled-up khakis, land's end khakis on nicky . as american as you can get right here.

>> and they're working the sunglasses. bell, by the way, normally wears the pants rolled up. he's a very casual executive. the number of lines that come to mind right now, jim --

>> be careful. remember the previous segment.

>> nicky , you look great, man. way to go. jim , thank you. next we've got what you're calling hipster tocool.

>> airelle and axle. we don't want to be hipster dad but we need to know our limitations, matt.

>> i'm an older dad. how much hipster can i pull off?

>> you're a fit dad but i don't know if i need to see you in the hip hugger skinny jeans . if you're young 30s, go for it. after you've crossed that 40s threshold, kind of be a little bit more self-aware.

>> don't try this. don't try this at home. airelle and axle, you guys look great. thank you very much. finally -- is it true you brought your sob here n here.

>> i did bring my son, marlin. you want a lollipop? it's bring your son to work day .

>> how old is marlin?

>> marlin's 2 1/2. we're wearing the gingham dress shirt , very stylish for spring-summer at the " gq " offices. he's doing j. crew jeans and jackets, i'm doing levi's jeans.

>> it is a little cut above just the jeans and shirt.

>> it is dressy but still has that fun summery punch.

>> any rules for people that they absolutely should avoid other than the complete matchy-matchy?

>> kids typically don't like to wear ties. if you've got a 2 1/2 or 4-year-old, let them be a 2 1/2 or 4-year-old.

>> if we can take a look at all the father/son looks for spring and summer as we get ready for father's day. guys, thank you all. men and young men, we bresh it. jim bell , come on out. adam rappaport from " gq " magazine. thank you. we're back right after these messages.