TODAY   |  May 20, 2010

SATC gals bonded during Morocco shoot

Sarah Jessica Parker tells TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that she enjoyed the “best professional experience of her career” living and working with her cast mates in Morocco while filming “Sex in the City 2.”

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>>> this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we are back at 8:38. this morning, we're kicking off our countdown to is " sex and the city ". who better to get us started, sarah jessica parker , otherwise known as sjp. good morning to you. do you call yourself that?

>> no, i don't. well, that's not entirely true. i sign correspondence sj. but i think it is more about being ashamed of the length of the name. it's not that i'm assuming anyone will recognize "s.j." it just takes up so much space and time .

>> i remember sitting here with you almost two years to the day.

>> one of the great moments of my life with that sweeping panorama of our beloved city.

>> you're looking at it again, your movie the first " sex and the city " was about to come out and there was a lot of buzz. who knew it would be such a blockbuster? $415 million in ticket sales worldwide. that is a tough act to follow. as a producer, were you nervous at all? any second thoughts about doing the sequel?

>> yeah. i mean we have enormous apprehension. the conversation alone is riddled with complexity because i think we are so indebted and grateful for the audience's participation in the series to begin with. then the fact that they left their homes and did it with such enthusiasm and sometimes two and three times that it was a really -- it is a conversation for the entitled. so we thought very carefully about what is the story that we feel was deserving of asking them to leave their homes again. and everything that a woman or a man or a young girl , what goes into that evening? the parking, the baby-sitters, the popcorn --

>> a lot.

>> a lot. those are hard-earned dollars and we better be worth it because they have been incredibly hospitalable for 13 years.

>> let's talk about the movie. you pick up where you left off two years ago, carrie and mr. big are happily married but you're having a little trouble dealing with that title "mrs. john preston , wife." what's the problem?

>> well, i think carrie enjoys complication. i think carrie , because of the work she has chosen which is asking questions, sexual politics and interpersonal relationships, and she is now pondering what this idea of tradition means to her. and it's simultaneous to the imminent publication of her fourth book. her first book about being married, the first book she's ever written about. she's not written about being single. i think she's trying to redefine tradition for herself. and she's curious why she ran toward something so willfully and is therefore trying to fine herself reshaping it. we're betting to ask ourselves these questions.

>> on a camel, no less.

>> that is an interesting place to talk about tradition. is there we've all seen the trailer. it is in the middle east where carrie catches up with her past in the form of her old flame -- look at the smile on your face. let's take a look and then talk about it.

>> this is the best mirage that i've ever had. abu dhabi ? what? you? why?

>> i'm here with the girls. yeah. samantha worked us all in on her free pr trip.

>> i don't want to give anything away, but it gets very messy for carrie . why was it important to bring aden back beside the fact that john corbett is so darn adorable?

>> this is a situation where a lady is actually having her cake and eating it, too. that -- that's me and carrie . i think it was important to bring aden back because he is the architypal person in the past that sort of defines carrie bradshaw . she was loved, she was pursued in the way that she always wanted to be and she complicated it. she left him, she ran from him, she was running after the future, she is now in her present married life content -- hopelessly in love with a man she's married to, yet she keeps reconsidering her past and who best illustrates that -- who better than aden . and what a yeoman's job. honestly to come after eight years in absence and to hope and pray that he lived up -- and he exceeded all her hopes and expectations. he is a spectacular actor.

>> you shot that in morocco. i guess you guys spent eight weeks overseas, most of that time in morocco.

>> all in morocco.

>> you could have ended up wanting to kill each other. tabloids would have loved that. but instead, you really did bond. didn't you?

>> i feel a little teary when i talk about this because i think it was despite the hardship of being away from my children, it was the best professional experience of my life. think in large part because i was surrounded and with kim and kristin and cynthia and we have this rare unique opportunity to live together which new york doesn't provide. we have homes here. and we came to know each other and love each other and need each other in a way that new york had never allowed before. and i just couldn't feel more grateful for having had this particular experience.

>> i got a chance to see the movie. it is so much fun.

>> yea.

>> did you a good one.

>> well pass along the compliments to everybody.

>> they're all coming by. sarah jessica parker , thanks so much. tomorrow kristin davis , a/k/a a/k/ak.d.

>> i can't keep up with