TODAY   |  May 13, 2010

‘Wall Street’ stars ‘Never Sleep’

Actors Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan, Josh Brolin and Frank Langella, along with director Oliver Stone, talk about their new film debuting at Cannes, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”

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oprah: his healthy muscle function.

>>> 22 years ago, oliver stone introduced us to the classic character gordon gekko in the film " wall street ." now gordon gekko is back, and 22 years after introducing us to the phrase " greed is good," how does he feel about greed now? a special screening of "wall

street: money never sleeps" happens here in cannes in the next few days. we're thrilled to have the cast and director with us. guys, ladies, nice to have you all here. thank you for letting us shoot this in your hotel suite . this is really, preelly nice.

>> by the way, nice socks, matt.

>> thank you very much . frank as well.

>> we're the only guys without socks.

>> oliver, start with you. 22 years ago --

>> don't start with me.

>> let's do it. none of you may get a word in after this. 22 years ago, it was a huge hit, the movie. but some say you felt maybe you missed your mark with the message. instead of casting a light on the greed of wall street , it served in some ways as a recruiting film for young people who wanted to emulate this guy right here. so making this movie, did you approach it differently?

>> no. frankly, we took another -- yeah, we did. michael douglas is broke in the movie. he comes out of jail broke. so he has to work his way back up into the system. he uses shia who is a young trader with integrity to get there. shia is engaged to his daughter , carey mulligan .

>> gordon gekko 's daughter . didn't tell the ending!

>> it is a different ball game because he has to get back inside. how he does it is very interesting.

>> the movie starts with your character getting out of prison. what has he learned in eight years behind bars ? about the financial system .

>> oh.

>> this is a morning show !

>> i mean, first of all, you can't make message movies. all right? the first one worked because it was dramatic and it was also about characters. but what blew my mind about this one is how much the personal relationships, the familial relationships work. carey plays my daughter , shia is her boyfriend. frank is sort of the good aspects of wall street . josh, not so good aspects.

>> seemed to me in the first movie you had to create a villain and you created him. now the villain has hmm been created for you in this movie based on what we see in the headlines every day and what we see sitting testifying before senate committees. did that make it easier you think for everyone?

>> no, that's the framework. we had to create a story, narrative with five actors playing very complex parts and they're all interacting with each other. basically on this couch portrays everybody else at one point or another in the movie.

>> we're about to portray each other right now.

>> i don't think frank is so good a guy. actually he's playing a guy who's like the lehman brothers guy.

>> you're the guy who created the system, then was devoured by the system.

>> i don't think my character is that of a bitch -- can i say that?

>> you just did.

>> josh is not all bad.

>> josh is all bad.

>> carey, your character introduces us to the family side of gordon, a side we haven't seen. you're in some ways the conscience of this movie -- you also, probably, shia -- how did you feel about going to this subject matter ? would you have any trepidations about it?

>> no. i mean it was sort of boring. of course i saw it. no, i felt like it was just a different story. we were revisiting a really amazing character. i was excited to be in the family .

>> you said you hung out with some traders getting ready for this. and this is a wild group .

>> yeah. i felt heavy pressure walking into this. this cast is pretty heavy. you know? a bunch of heavy-hitters. i remember coming in a room -- not fat!

>> i've lost 30 pounds.

>> you know what i mean . for me, it's big. kind of like the all-star team. the only way i could feel comfortable in the room was to know more than anybody else. i tried. i tried. i don't know if i did, but i tried.

>> he started trading himself with some guys. he did very well, thank you very much .

>> didn't you have a trading company also?

>> i did. i did. and we failed miserably. no, we did okay. even after september '08. we never went for the big win, we got the little jumps. they then i started working more and i didn't need it.

>> ask shia how much he made.

>> people were trading at the same time, so we would send each other our makes and losses. then we would talk about it on the set all the time. it was always coming up. oliver was always on me because i didn't really read the --

>> it's something new.

>> i wasn't reading the " wall street journal " often.

>> you were hanging out with the big hitters.

>> yeah, we had a couple guys like john thomas financial, guys that were working there.

>> schottenheimer.

>> those guys, like while i was training with them, i wound up going inside to insider trading when i was with them.

>> we're thinking we're going to promote this movie now, when it comes out in september there will be a lot of promotion for it. but in some ways isn't the promotion going to happen in the newspaper every day? that's really what's going to promote this movie based on what's happening in real life .

>> if we'd come out last week, we have a company that shorts the market like goldman did. but we're not making a news picture . we want to make a movie that's going to last through time way beyond this crisis.

>> how big is just this moment?

>> people. human beings . people are just human beings , not interested in stock market crisis. this is a crisis, yes. major heart attack , yes. but these people take you to another realm beyond. it's drama.

>> i was knocked out on the relationships -- sorry. no, i'm sorry, frank.

>> i said in the commercial break , don't be afraid to jump in on each other.

>> you said don't be afraid to jump on each other.

>> josh brolin , frank langella , oliver stone , shia la beouf , michael douglas , thank you. back with much more from cannes , new