TODAY   |  May 05, 2010

NYPD chief: No exact profile for potential terrorists

After commending his department’s actions in the Times Square bomb plot, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says more understanding of “unremarkable people” and surveillance technology is needed to thwart terrorism.

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>> you.

>>> ray kelly is the commissioner of new york city 's police department . commissioner, good morning. and congratulations on the work of your department on this. 53 hours. that's pretty amazing.

>> the fbi , joint terrorist task force and nypd did a great job.

>> this investigation is ongoing even though mr. shahzad is under arrest. at this point, ray, do you think he was part of a larger group ? are you looking for other people living in this country or elsewhere?

>> as you say, the investigation is just beginning. i think it is too early to say that. obviously the destir get this information as quickly as possible certainly by the media but this is going to take a while. he is cooperating. he is talking and i think investigators want him to talk at his own pace.

>> we've heard by several reports that officials in pakistan have either arrested or detained several people. can you confirm or deny that? what do you know about that?

>> i don't know that. i don't know that for certain.

>> but you are sharing information with federal authorities? because obviously, the attack was attempted here.

>> absolutely, yeah.

>> talk a little bit about this guy. i mean he is 30 years old. he is a father. he's a husband. comes from a fairly prominent family, though he had gone through some financial hard times . how does he change the profile of the type of person you're looking for in the future to prevent these kinds of threats?

>> well, we don't really have an exact profile. that's part of the problem. we did a report a couple years ago. two of our intelligence analysts , talking precisely about this. these are what we call unremarkable people who decide to kill innocent people in their own country. so it is very difficult for law enforcement to get their arms around this. it is an individual that, by all indications, wouldn't be involved in something like this but obviously he has been. he's admitting it freely.

>> it is remarkable that in only 53 hours he was apprehended but there are a lot of questions this morning about how this guy who was recently placed earlier in that day on monday on the u.s. government 's no-fly list, went to an airport with cash to buy a last-minute one-way ticket to dubai , and apparently checked no luggage. this is the kind of thing that would get me pulled aside for extra screening. how he, a, got past the ticket counter and, b, got past passport control.

>> these are very important questions that have to be asked. i don't have the answers to those questions.

>> does it frustrate you as one whose department spent these 53 hours trying to round this guy up that he almost slipped through what had been an obvious trap?

>> this is good news for law enforcement . investigations are never neat, they're never perfect. the fact is he was apprehended in 53 hours and he is giving us information.

>> what about money ? the federal government by the last report i saw gave new york city a little more than $250 million for the war on terror in the last year or so. how much more money -- i know mayor bloomberg is headed to washington today. how much more money would it kae, commissika take, commissioner kelly, for you to feel we are adequately funded for the war on terrorism ?

>> we always want more money . that's just the nature of the business. localities want money from the federal government . we'd like more cameras, we'd certainly like more money for personnel. that's something that's probably not in the cards. it is difficult to get that from the federal government . cameras, more technology, analytic capability for our cameras. that sort of thing would be helpful. and the federal government has been forthcoming in that regard. this is an ongoing process. we work closely with homeland security . we work with the justice department . it's not easy to get this money , but generally speaking, they've been pretty good to the city.

>> as i mentioned, it was a joint effort, but congratulations to your force on a job well done. commissioner, thanks very much. 12 minutes after the hour. here's meredith .