TODAY   |  April 30, 2010

Mad about hats at the Kentucky Derby

Hat designer Christine A. Moore shows TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales how to choose the perfect topper for Churchill Downs.

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>> tip is -- make your bed.

>>> back in just a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> one sure bet at the kentucky derby , lots and lots of hats. al and natalie are already decked out in their race day finest.

>> we're ready to go here. christine moore is one of the premier hat designers in horse racing . she's brought along some of her gorgeous designs this morning. she was kind enough to bring one for me and one for al as well. men wear hats.

>> that's right, absolutely.

>> now christine, whether it comes to choosing hats, before we get to our models here, what should be considered?

>> it is all personality i think. especially for the derby. it is all personality for the derby. how you feel comfortable in a hat is really to choose something that you feel comfortable in that's going to show your personality off, then --

>> let's look at starting off with the hats. tell us about this hat.

>> this hat's really great. the pop of color of the pink. we've got this cutout here which allows her to see and has light on her face. it is just a really comfortable hat. you get the broad but you have the little dip so she can see. the trim is really quiet and simple, but then you have to pop of feathers. feathers are really hot this year.

>> also color is hot, too. you can see the pink but also the green right next here. a hat worn by elizabeth. you got the peacock feathers. a lot of embellishments going on here, too.

>> the soft roses are just like perfect for the southern belle , feminine look. teal is really big right now. teal and pink.

>> this is a hat that's not big but has a lot of detail on holly.

>> this is like a cocktail style. this is a big thing in racing as well as fashion. it is just like a really fun, it has the trim up on -- up near your face. it is the same as the broad rim but it is like -- it is about statement.

>> speaking of statement, the rolls royce of hats, mallory, miss kentucky , by the way. she is making a statement with this.

>> $1,000 for this hat.

>> 1,000 bucks.

>> a lot of work. just even putting that second edge on takes a lot of time. it's worth every penny. isn't it, mallory?

>> then we've got the candace on whitney and the careen.

>> this is a mix between the two.

>> gorgeous, girls. thank you! pink is the big color today.

>> i think our ladies back in new york have their --

>> they've got their hats on as well. meredith and ann are wearing --

>> yeah.

>> look how gorgeous you are!

>> i can't see anything out of this hat.

>> you'll need a rain hat for tomorrow. these are going to be no good whatsoever. thank you, guys. you all look good. natalie, al, thank you so much. again, nbc sports coverage of the kentucky derby starts tomorrow at 4:00 p.m . eastern time right here on nbc.

>>> just ahead, how to deal with adult bullying. we'll be back after your local news.