TODAY   |  April 16, 2010

Young readers explore ‘100 Cupboards’

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia,” author Nathan D. Wilson chats with kids in Al Roker’s book club about his series, “100 Cupboards.”

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>>> this morning on ""al's book club for kids,"" imagine getting behind the doors of 99 mysterious covers. it is a magical adventure that's sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. nate wilson is the genius author of " fantasy series 100 covers." we're joined by our book club kids. with al being on assignment in iceland , i have the honor now of sitting in. his loss, my gain! good to meet you. i know you were a big fan of the chronicles of narnia series. is that what shaped the book?

>> it absolutely did. reading the narnia series as a kid, i was in wheat fields in idaho , climbing big red barns and playing baseball. i loved those stories though they didn't actually connect with my childhood. this is my -- in sixth grade the attempt i wanted to go after to bring classic fantasy to american kids.

>> the main character , henry , a young boy who discovers these other worlds and a lot about himself from traveling to these other areas.

>> he's a very protected kid, overly protected, not allowed to play sports, not allowed to ever drink a soda. that kind of thing. as a result, he's pretty timid, pretty afraid. so when the blaster starts falling off the wall in his grandfather's old farmhouse and he starts to discover these doors, it opens up his whole life. this world first, then the other world .

>> there is a trilogy. ian, you want to start with a question?

>> is there any cover you would like to visit?

>> yeah. the problem is i would like to visit all of them. when i was putting together the list of all these cupboards -- 99 doors and hid a little bedroom, i deserted worlds behind everyone of them. every one is a world i wanted to visit. stuff i read about in ancient history or other mythologies or so on. a few are higher than others. i'd say the baden hill cupboard is one for sure.

>> del roy .

>> my question is, when uncle frank in the part of the book, it says that he is selling tumbleweed for a lot of money . what made you come up with the idea that tumbleweed is so much money ?

>> well, i wanted a bad idea. uncle frank was not a very smart businessman. so he was coming up with the idea of what could he sell, what did he have all around him. the kansas flat he had a lot of tumbleweeds so he thought he would try to sell it on the internet. it started out as a joke for me, i discovered a little while after somebody actually started doing that. somebody is actually making money selling tumbleweet wed on the internet.

>> would you say henry is adventurous or not?

>> i would not not at all. at the outset this is just a kid who is afraid of what's happening. then he can't even imagine what's happening. he thinks when he finds these cupboards, he thinks there might be socks in there. he's not imaginative or adventurous. but as the doors opens, he oepts up and becomes adventurous.

>> we are out of time, unfortunately. but next month you'll be reading and you'll get the questions first. the book this time around was "100 cupboards." for our next book, here it is, folks. " kiki strike ," so kids, keep reading and grab those books. we'll talk about this next month. we'll be right back after your local news.