TODAY   |  April 16, 2010

Sparkling! It’s a ‘gem’ of an auction

Sotheby’s auction house will put some of the world’s finest gemstones on the block. TODAY’s Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry and Natalie Morales show off some of the auction’s best sparklers.

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>> and that's your latest weather.

>>> diamonds may and girl's best friend but sapphires and rubies ain't so bad, either. we have some of the world 's rarest and extensive jules. lisa hubbard is with sotheby 's. lisa , good morning. we donned a few of your jules.

>> i always tell everybody jewelry 's meant to be worn. i'm glad to see all three of you look great.

>> what is so special about this collection?

>> it is a combination of wonderful gemstones like the necklace, 100 carats of vivid yellow diamonds.

>> what makes that so special, being vivid?

>> it is the ultimate grading of the intensity of color . and to be able to find 100 carats that match this way is indeed a very rare thing. i think it is the first necklace of vivid yellow diamonds to come up for sale at auction. this is valued at $2 million to $3 million .

>> move on to natalie 's bracelet.

>> this is tiffany & company , circa 1925 . it is a reminder of really the grandeur of the art deco period. to find a line of emeralds so well matched in color , simply alternating with diamonds, is simple and simple is the hardest to do. so this is actually the second time this has come up at auction. it came up in 1985 . it was part of the estate of annie aiken, sonny von bulow 's mother .

>> the estimate is $200,000 to $300,000.

>> this belonged to marlene dietrich .

>> circa 1930 . it was given to her by her director in the " blue angel " which was the movie that made her a star. there she is wearing it. it was reputed to be one of her most favorite jewels. " shanghai express " as well. exactly.

>> this is a very expensive piece.

>> this actually is next to the vivid yellow diamond necklace, the most expensive piece in this group zblpg and why?

>> it is a rare burmese ruby. and it is reputed to be that pigeon blood color that you try to attain. perfect harmony between pink and red. wonderful crystal. and it weighs 8.66 carats. as a gemstone, it is very special but also it was once upon a time in the collection of isabella stewart gardner of boston . she was avant garde and a free spirit in her time and she loves rubies. so this is one that she wore.

>> look at ann 's earrings.

>> ann 's earrings.

>> sparkle, sparkle.

>> i'll tell you, it brightens up your day. and these are part of the jewelry collection of patricia klug that we are selling.

>> this is a white diamond .

>> this is the white diamond . it is also the balance between the 8 and 9 carats on the top, the 11 and 13 carats on the bottom. $600,000 to $800,000.

>> if you can keep your head up.

>> she had beautiful jewelry .

>> the thing about this auction, you are letting people, like we are now, try them on and you're letting people touch them.

>> you bet.

>> sotheby 's, public exhibition, public auction. you can all come and bid on these.

>> i'm wondering how many of those guys over there would like to try these on.

>> don't get any ideas , ann .

>> you have to come to our place at sotheby 's. there we have lots of people to make sure you're safe and you can try everything on. this is also in the collection. this is a wonderful leopard bracelet watch.

>> where's the watch?

>> you pop open the --

>> that's great.

>> wow! surprise.

>> you've never seen a piece like this?

>> i had never seen a piece like this. dy a little research with cartier. and what is wonderful is you think about, it is platinum, sapphires, diamonds, all these hard stones that all of a sudden come together to make this wonderful panther lying on a sapphire rug telling time.

>> minus the bargain here --

>> relatively speaking , it is a fabulous 20-carat diamond and the estimate is $150,000 to $200,000, although i can tell you if you are bidding on this, you'll have to chase it. it is a wonderful color but there are certain imperfections in the stone that keep the price very reasonable. but it is -- it's not heavy.

>> you'll get used to 20 carats.

>> again, the exhibit is at sothe sotheby 's here in new york tuesday.