TODAY   |  April 15, 2010

Rescuers hunt for survivors of China quake

Following a series of powerful earthquakes in western China, rescuers scour the rubble for signs of life. NBC’s Adrienne Mong reports.

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>>> in western china , a desperate search for wednesday's earthquake victims. the death toll has now topped 600 with more than 9,000 injured. nbc 's adrian wong has more from beijing this morning. i understand survivors are being found.

>> reporter: yes, good morning, ann . there are survivors. one by one, slowly but surely , they're finding adults, but also children from underneath collapsed buildings that tomorrowled over when the quake struck early wednesday morning. class was basically in session so many of the accounted children were already in school . you see many parents waiting around anxiously hoping for some signs of life . you can also see tibetan monks joining the rescue effort, climbing over the rubble to help rescue teams search for survivors. there have been about 750 aftershocks recorded in the quake zone since the main quake first struck. the chinese government is scrambling resources from all across the country by road, and by air, and in fact planes have started ferrying in rescue teams and supplies into the county's local tiny air strip . by road, we're seeing military trucks bring in lots more supplies. ann ?

>> adrienne, is there a sense then that international help is needed or is there a sense that china is able to handle this by itself?

>> reporter: well, the chinese government has always prided itself on being able to mobilize mass resources, as well as its military. vast numbers of troops into very remote regions. the problem is you're sitting at a very high altitude here, very thin air. rescue teams are challenged by having air altitude sickness as well as very cold weather conditions. so this is an unusual situation for the chinese. very devastating.