TODAY   |  April 13, 2010

‘Biggest Loser’ lost second chance

“Biggest Loser: Couples” contestant Melissa Morgan chats with TODAY about her time on the ranch and why she was voted off the show.

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>>> but first let's say hello to melissa morgan, given a second chance on the "biggest loser" but ultimately was voted off! melissa , what happened? good morning.

>> well, i don't know. i got sent home again.

>> they ganged up on you.

>> second time you got sent home.

>> why did they gang up on you?

>> i don't know.

>> some people say it was your game plan .

>> some say it was my game play . you know? were they threatened? i was staying good at challenges. fy got back there, with the exception of sam i could have beat all of them in challenges.

>> they chickened out. you scared them.

>> you say that's what you need to do in order to survive on the show.

>> you've got to! it's a competition.

>> the swimming competition, they were helping everybody but you.

>> everyone but me, yes.

>> meanwhile, we should point out how great you look. you were 233 pounds when you started the challenge. you got down to 175 pounds. you're less than that now but you aren't revealing your current weight .

>> i am less than that and i'm not telling!

>> why not?

>> it's a little bit of game play but i have an awful lot of critics out there and i would rather them talk about the fact that i'm not telling than talk about how much i weigh.

>> does this have anything to do with the at-home prize?

>> well, here's what's real. i know have a snowball's chance in the world of winning this thing.

>> why not? look at you!

>> because michael 's 526 pounds.

>> he's got more to lose.

>> it is going to be easy for him to lose 50%. i had ahave to be at 116 pounds to be at 50% of my body weight . it's never going to happen. the reality is the number on that scale is insignificant. it means nothing to me at all. it's all about the transformation and about the person that i am.

>> good attitude.

>> i don't care what that number is.

>> you won already.

>> i did.

>> you ran a half- marathon recently.

>> i'm running another one in two weeks.

>> congratulations.

>> we like you, even if you are a game player .

>> catch "biggest loser" couples tonight 8:00, 7:00 central right here