TODAY   |  March 30, 2010

Moscow blasts leave commuters terrified

As the Russian media criticizes leaders Medvedev and Putin over a lack of security in wake of yesterday’s subway bombings, reports say more suicide bombers are preparing for future attacks. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>>> has climbed to 39 from the terror attack on moscow 's subway system by two female suicide bombers and today as russia holds a national day of mourning , there are fears of more violence to come. nbc 's jim maceda is in moscow this morning with more. jim , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you, ann . i'm standing right in front of one of the sites, the building behind mere here. you're right, today is a national day of mourning . one day after this deadliest terror attack to strike the russian capital in six years. flags flew at half-staff over the kremlin and throughout moscow today as commuters heading to work paid their respects to the dead, often with a prayer, at makeshift memorials inside the two subway stops, the targets of yesterday's carnage. overnight one more victim died in the hospital bringing the total killed to 39. and one station, a missing young woman and the words "not seen since the train bombing here." despite beefed-up security, including sniffer dog teams searching for explosives, the overwhelming emotion among millions of commuters was fear. "i feel like it is terrifying now to travel on the subway. terrifying to travel on the airplane. terrifying on the train. it makes life very depressing," said this passenger. russian police say that forensic evidence points to a double suicide bombing by female militants, probably chechens, part of the separatist insurgency simmering since the 1990s . for the most part, russia 's tandem leadership of president medvedev and prime minister putin had kept that insurgency bottled up in the southern caucuses, far from moscow . but just last month this chechen rebel leader warned that operations would spread into russian cities. now medved dead, visiting the sign of one of the blasts, called the perpetrators beasted and vowed to d to destroy them.

>> there is a vicious circumstance. of more actions of revenge on the part of the extreme irses and more retaliation on the part of the russian governments.

>> reporter: possibly triggering not only more terror, but a full-blown war. the attacks have also rocked the kremlin will several papers today criticizing putin and medvedev for lulling russians into a false sense of security and there is a lot of internet chatter, ann , about more suicide bombers coming from rebel chechen websites, apparently preparing future attacks.

>> that's sober be, jim maceda