TODAY   |  March 29, 2010

Moscow bombings targeted specific building

NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel tells MSNBC’s Tamron Hall that one of suicide blasts happened under the headquarters of the FSB, Russia’s main domestic security service and successor agency of the KGB.

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>> good morning, everyone. president obama is condemning this morning's two rush hour bombings in moscow 's rush hour system and security has been stepped up in new york city 's subways as a precaution. two women suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing 37 people and wounding more than 100 others at two different stations. prime minister vladimir putin reacted, saying terrorists will be destroyed. chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us with more on the terrorist attack . good morning, richard .

>> reporter: seems very likely, security officials say this was the work of militants operating from chechnya or other parts of the caucuses. they have used female suicide bombers in the past. chechens are the only group that regularly uses female suicide bombers , often called black widows , because they are the relatives or widows, in fact, of chechen fighters.

>> why these two subway stations?

>> one of the stations was right underneath one of russia 's top security agencies. so, the fact that it blew up under this important strategic building is no accident. it sends a message to the russian government , which has been fighting against muslim rebels, particularly in chechnya, for several years.

>> nbc chief correspondent richard engel . thank you, richard .

>>> president obama returns to the