TODAY   |  March 29, 2010

Dozens killed in Moscow subway blasts

Two women suicide bombers blew themselves up in coordinated terrorist attacks on Moscow’s subway system, killing at least 37 people.  NBC’s Chris Jansing reports from London.

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>>> down the entire east coast today, monday, march 29th , 2010 .

>>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer .

>> and i'm ann curry in for meredith this morning. i'm sorry the news isn't better welcome iing you back.

>> a terrible story coming out of moscow .

>> it really is. it's one of the busiest. these terror attacks were intended to impact the most damage.

>> at 8 in the morning, then 40 minutes later a second deadly blast on another train. investigators say female suicide bombers carried out both of those attacks. right to nbc's chris jansing , who is in london with the latest.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. investigators now believe the bombings were coordinated terrorist attacks carried out by two female suicide bombers known in russia as black widows , at least 4500 people were killed, 200 wounded in the deadliest attack on russia in six years. the first blast hit at the height of rush hour at the main security service , former home of the kgb. amateur video showed dazed and injured passengers laid out in the lobby. the blast killed people both inside the train and on the platform. emergency crews were still treating the wounded when a second blast tore through the metro stop near the famous gorky park . a correspondent for russia today was in the crowd that was rushed out of the station.

>> i went to the metro station . as soon as i got upstairs, i heard the blast and i saw a young woman covered with blood and she was coming out of the metro station .

>> reporter: witnesses describe a scene of shock and panic as people search for missing relatives. cell phone networks were overloaded. moscow 's mayor said the blasts were set off by two female suicide bombers , wearing belts packed with explosives and time to maximize casualties. women bombers have been used before by chechen separatists , in 2002 and a 2004 attack on a school in beslam. heightening fears that muslim's insurgency is again targeting the heart of the country . blaming groups from the region where the kremlin has been fighting a growing insurgency. ann ?