TODAY   |  March 26, 2010

Nanny saves child from burning house

Alyson Myatt ran barefoot through flames to rescue 5-year-old Aden Hawes, the boy she cares for as a live-in nanny. Alyson and Aden, along with his father, J.B. Hawes, speak with TODAY about the courageous act.

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>>> humanity.

>>> first, the incredible nanny who risked her life to save a 50-year-old boy in kentucky . we'll talk to her around the boy she rescued and his thankful dad in just a moment . but here's a look at what happened.

>> she ran through the flames right here.

>> reporter: j.b. haas is talking about his live-in nanny.

>> -- who came in this door, grabbed my son and ran through the flames again.

>> reporter: on tuesday allison and the 5-year-old were sleeping when a fire erupted sparked by a bathroom fan.

>> i heard a big boom and i thought it was aden .

>> reporter: allison ran upstairs barefoot. when she got to the hallway she saw the flames .

>> i was calling for him and he said "i'm here, i'm in my room underneath my covers." i said okay. he ran out and was screaming and stuff. right after i ran on the carpet, my feet just burned off.

>> reporter: still barefoot, her feet badly burned, allison ran out of the house with aden . neighbors saw the flames and they called 911.

>> shelby county 911.

>> yeah, we got a fire down here on golden rod court. oh, my god. it's on fire.

>> reporter: aden was saved without a scratch. his father was out of town at the time of the fire.

>> she sacrificed her life to save my son. that's amazing. she's an angel. how do you repay somebody for saving your child?

>> reporter: aden just wants to be with his nanny again.

>> she saved me from the fire. i just miss her so much. i love her.

>> the very brave allison is in her hospital room along with 5-year-old aden haas and his forth, j.b. good morning to you guys. first, let's talk to you about how you're doing, allison . you suffered pretty severe burns. is that right?

>> that's correct. i'm doing well. i'm sorry?

>> how widespread are your burns?

>> they're on the bottoms of both of my feet and on the bottom of my hand right here. a minor ones on this hand.

>> and you told us in the tape we just saw that you heard this boom and you leapt out of bed. when you ran upstairs and went into the hallway outside of aden 's room, what did you see?

>> i just saw flames all down the hallway and in the bathroom door was on fire because i had shut the bathroom door previous before this big fire . there was no way to avoid the flames . but before i had even looked at fire or anything i was yelling for aden and he said he was in his room underneath the covers.

>> so you knew he was up there. the only way through that to get to him was through that fire. you, i should mention, were barefoot. you looked at the wall of flames .

>> that's correct.

>> did you hesitate?

>> what's that? i'm sorry.

>> did you hesitate?

>> no. i didn't even think about me getting hurt or getting burned. i really didn't even think that i was barefoot. i was just yelling for aden . i ran and got him and all of that happened in the next four minutes. it happened really quick. i ran and got him, ran downstairs and i drove to the neighbor's house . the fire took my cell phone .

>> the fire chief believes that those flames were at about 400 degrees. what did you feel on your feet when you ran through them?

>> the first and second time i didn't feel anything until i was standing on the carpet where it wasn't on fire and my feet were in excruciating pain but it was dark upstairs so aden couldn't see anything and i had him in my arms and then when we got to the steps , then we just went down the steps and i just grabbed my purse and i was thinking, i was like, oh, man, i dropped my cell phone , now i can't call anybody. so i grabbed j.b.'s business card off my desk, jumped in the minivan, got aden in and whatnot, and we went to lucy 's house , the neighbor down the street and i was explaining to aden on the way to lucy 's house that he was going to have to run and ring on the doorbell until somebody came to the door and that's what he did and he was very brave and he just, you know, got out of the van as soon as i opened the automatic door and he ran up there and, you know, rang the doorbell until lucy came.

>> aden , you know, i know i can see that allison 's arm is around your next and you must be so happy to see her. how do you feel about what allison did? what do you think about allison ?

>> well, i love her so much and i miss her when she's gone and stuff.

>> and j.b., allison was home with your son because you are a single father and you were away on business. first of all, j.b., how long has allison worked for you?

>> just about two months now. just about two months.

>> so you chose a very good nanny.

>> yeah. my work -- i get busy and i advertised for a nanny. she was i think the sixth person she interviewed. her and aden just clicked right away and got along. i just followed my instincts. of course she had impeccable references and she moved in and just started taking over to help me out with him. god brought her into our world, that's for sure.

>> so you feel -- i can't even imagine what you must be feeling when you think about what she was willing to do. the fire chief says, to make the choice to run right through flames is kind of above what are normal heroics. so how do you thank allison ? what do you say to her?

>> well, when i flew in from minnesota that morning, i came straight to the hospital and saw her on the bed. and to realize what she did, saving my son's life, you know, you can't thank someone for that. there's nothing you can do to repay them for taking that kind of a risk. then when i went to the actual house and stood in the hallway that she ran through, and realized as she said, there's only one minute left, there's no words to put how grateful i am to have my son with me, how grateful i am to have allison in our world and it's just one of those things that you can't put any value on. there's no price to be paid. it's a debt that we'll never be able to be paid.

>> we're looking at some tape now from this morning when you saw her as you were re-united once again after the fire. you can see the depth of the emotion there. especially for aden . aden , when allison gets out of the hospital , aden be, what do you guys want to do together? do you -- what kind of playing do you want to to do with her?

>> i want to play stuff. i have lots of new toys. new puzzle. new toys. new books.

>> we build puzzles together a lot. that's what he meant by that. always reading a bedtime story .

>> you've done a good job getting really close to him. i want to mention that you don't have health insurance and so it sounds like you're going to have trouble paying for your care. is that right? and how long do you think it is going to be before you're able to go back home?

>> they're saying i came to the hospital on tuesday morning, so they're saying about tuesday of next week. about a week. but they're not for sure though.

>> well, good luck.

>> part of my job is to find -- part of my job is to find another home to live because our home is gone. and so allison of course is part of the family , so i've got to get a place for her to come to. i know she's got her family to stay with and stuff but she's part of our family now so i got to find another place so that she can come home.

>> she's part of our family now. and how, j.b. thank you so much for joining us, allison and aden . congratulations. allison , whether you think it or not, you really are a hero. you're the nanny everybody wants. thank you so much for joining us.

>>> now let's get a check