TODAY   |  March 15, 2010

Inside ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’

NBC’s Kerry Sanders takes an exclusive look at the new attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

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>>> at universal orlando resort , checking out an exciting new edition to universal resorts "the wizarding world of harry potter ." i think he's standing by the hogwart's express, right, harry?

>> i am not in orlando. i'm at hogwarts station. as a mugle i'm at hogs meade's station. this harry potter is coming to life right here. of course, be if you're going to experience all of this, the first thing you need to do when you come here, of course, is go to honey duke's. i'll pick up your chocolate frog and then next door we've got zonko's joke shop. inside zonko's joke shop, how about extendible ears or boxing telescope? all the little key word that is really have come to life here. and so many people imagine the movies, the movies that are the harry potter series here have grossed more as a series than any other movie, 400 million books sold in 200 countries and territories. it is a remarkable phenomenon. matt, as you know, we are here for a very extraordinary reason, aren't we?

>> absolutely, kerry. nice job there. by the way, when that exhibit opens, when that traction opens in the spring, your child's class can actually be there for all the festivities. all you have to do to get details on how that can happen is go to our website at that will be a lot of fun for some very lucky young people .

>> all i want is the