TODAY   |  March 06, 2010

TSA rolling out new full body scanners

The latest line of defense will go into service in the weeks ahead, part of a push by the Obama administration to improve airport security. NBC’s Jay Gray reports.

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>> airport security . on monday, full scanners will go into service, part of a push by the obama administration to improve security. jay gray has more.

>> reporter: the latest line of defense is moving into place at airports across the country. three new full body scanners were wheeled into boston's logan airport this week.

>> more wave of security that helps deter bad people from doing harm.

>> reporter: they will go online monday in boston. the transportation safety administration plans to have in airports by june. they allow agents to see through clothing to identify hidden objects. the new technology provides blurry black and white images of the passenger's body raised questions about privacy.

>> the officer attending the passenger will not view the image. the officer viewing the image will be remotely located and the image will not be stored.

>> it will increase lag times, but many travelers welcome a closer look.

>> whatever it takes to keep us safe and make everything right for us, i'm for it.

>> i think we should go along with it. no one needs another 9/11.

>> that are effort and many airports have a hands on check. they began to begin random tests swabbing hands for trace aims of explosives. jay