TODAY   |  March 03, 2010

Fabulous, flourless chocolate cake

Sophie Dahl, model and author of “Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights,” shows TODAY’s Al Roker how to prepare her flourless chocolate cake.

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>>> four packs.

>>> this morning in "today's kitchen," a fabulous chocolate cake that's flourless. hot chef sophie dahl may be a former model, but cooking is her first love. her new book is "miss dahl's voluptuous delights."

>> thanks for having me.

>> i've got to read from the beginning of your book herehe introduction. "as a small child, food occupied both my waking and nocturnal thoughts. i had clammy nightmares about dreadful men made from mashed potatoes wearing striped tights chasing me into dense forests." wow! what was that about?

>> now imagine if they sent me to a shrink at the age of 6. um, a glutton. i'm a natural glutton, so i think food overtook my thoughts.

>> so you have a love-hate relationship with food.

>> nothing to hate about it. nothing to hate.

>> you're going to make i think a recipe that your grandfather, roald dahl would have loved, with " charlie and the chocolate factory ."

>> he loved the chocolate.

>> obviously, you inherited that.

>> it's a gene thing, i think, me and my siblings.

>> what's the hardest thing about making a flourless cake?

>> well, it needs to be supported by fat and sugar. so, just because it's flourless doesn't mean it's virtuous.

>> all right. there we go. much like ourselves. let's see what we're making here.

>> in here we've got some semi- sweet chocolate , we've got some sugar and blended it up.

>> right. so, it's all been kind of crumbled up.

>> crumbled up. and what we're going to do is pour in some boiling water. so you don't have to mess around.

>> we like that.

>> easy peasy.

>> then a lot of -- how much butter are you putting in? wow!

>> a lot of butter, al. it's not a virtuous cake, i repeat.

>> no. it's not. man! we missed some.

>> i need your help. we need all the butter we can have. and it goes --

>> man! somebody get some paddles and yet clear.

>> so, in it goes.

>> all right.

>> egg yolk , about six egg yolks . thank you very much.

>> all right.

>> lovely. some vanilla extract . coffee.

>> yes. oh, coffee!

>> yep.

>> that's interesting. so it will keep you up at night, too.

>> keep you fat and awake. turn it on. very, very, very quick.

>> and you're here not only promoting your book, but you've got a show, a cooking show coming up on the bbc. and your husband, jamie, who is a musician, he's got an album out that he's promoting.

>> he does. his album came out yesterday, so we're doing a little bit of a cross promotion.

>> you should have brought a copy of the cd.

>> i could have plugged him.

>> we could have held it up. what's it called?

>> it's called "the pursuit." very good.

>> so, mixed this all up.

>> we've mixed this up. it's smooth. egg whites here. they're already quite stiff. give them another ten seconds or so. and then they're going to go in this batch.

>> oh, okay.

>> can you get him out of the way.

>> move that out.

>> so, in they go.

>> now, is it important, because sometimes you have to gently fold them in. is that necessary here?

>> well, you can do it either way . you can either fold this mixture into the bowl or you can just pop it into the blender, fold them in that way. i mean, because there's a lot of egg whites , it supports itself.

>> right.

>> okay, i need your help, al. there we go.

>> could be trouble here. no, that's not right.

>> that's not right.

>> damn this blender! hang on. get it all.

>> well, let's just assume that it happened!

>> okay, there, there, happened!

>> and --

>> and it's not starting!

>> there we go.

>> god, stress.

>> i'm tired.

>> exhausted. so, blend it for ten seconds, keep the air in.

>> so, it gets a little lighter.

>> boom, boom, boom. and then take it out. let's get you off, see if it's any easier to get you off. no, it's not. okay. and then into --

>> a spring form pan.

>> a spring form pan. oh, my loferd.

>> okay, and that goes in the oven for how long?

>> that goes in the oven at about 350 for about 40 minutes.

>> and we've got the results right here. very lovely.

>> this is the result.

>> mm-mmm. hold on just a second.

>> result a lot less stressful