TODAY   |  March 01, 2010

Pattinson trades fangs for romance

Actor Robert Pattinson, of “Twilight” fame, speaks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about his new movie, “Remember Me.”

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>>> nbc.

>>> "twilight" heartthrob, robert pattinson already has a legion of dedicated fans and he could add few with his latest role as a rebellious young man, tyler in the movie "remember me."

>> it's a bowl, it completes the room.

>> this is a bowl? sorry.

>> tyler ?

>> i guess it was just here to tease me. good morning, welcome back. you get to sit here and talk about something other, for a little while at least, other than the vampire saga. is that refreshing for you? or do you feel like you're working without a net?

>> no, i do. i just got used to my pat answers to all of my questions, i found them very, very easy and now i'm just, i'm just treading water in every interview. i was walking in here first of all, and al outside and he was like, what's "remember me" about?

>> let's talk about it a little bit. you play tyler , described as lost, rebellious, what else do we need to know about him?

>> i i don't know. he's kind of sensitive. i think all, you know, he's fairly sort of typical, you know, comes in a tradition, a long line of male young male characters. but i guess just the writing is very subtle and it seems very realistic. he is kind of a rebel without a cause type of thing.

>> the movie takes place here in new york city . 2001 , i'll let the viewers connect the dots here. this guy has just livered through a tragedy. was it important for you, was it desirable for you to do a movie that was based on this kind of major moment in recent american history ?

>> yeah. i mean there seemed to be something, when i first read the script, there seemed to be something about it, it didn't really feel like a film. it felt like there was -- i couldn't understand the reason behind it, why it was written. but it seemed like there was a reason to do it. it seemed like it wasn't written just to be a film. i doe know, there was just something special about it. and i thought that every part of it kind of -- you know, helped it become what it is.

>> i think it's going to resonate with a lot of people. not only because of the story of the young man, but the story of this event in american history . pierce brosnan was on the show not long ago, talking about some things and i asked him about you. he was your co-star in "remember me." and i asked him what do you make of the situation that robert found him sfrl in right now. the white-hot spotlight. he said after spending time with you, he said you showed enormous grace under pressure . and i'm curious, does that come naturally? or have you had to make some adjustments to this level of fame?

>> yeah. i mean you kind of -- i guess you try and limit the amount of time you have to deal with it. and then --

>> how do you do that, though?

>> a bit of hiding.

>> but that in itself is the price of fame .

>> yeah. and you know, there are tremendous benefits. even doing films like this, which i was talking to the writer yesterday. and he was saying, it's impossible to get financing for two and a half years. and i read this and it's like, it has to be made. and it all got together really quickly. as soon as the script was being made, it was being sent to loads of actors all wanting to do it after. but it was just because of the "twilight" thing that can be the catalyst.

>> i'm glad you brought that up. the diehard fans of the "twilight" saga have dedicated the opening weekend of this movie as "remember me" saturday. they're going to go out and see this movie. if you're producing a movie or directing a movie, or casting a movie, that's gold. that's money in the bank .

>> hopefully.

>> we'll see what happens. so now you, you're going to talk about "remember me." and then in june, the third in the "twilight" saga comes out. that's called "eclipse." have you seen it? you shot that at the same time you shot the second.

>> in between.

>> you've been working steady.

>> how is eclipse?

>> i haven't seen it yet.

>> haven't seen anything?

>> i just saw the trailer yesterday. the title, i can never pronounce "remember me."

>> you might want to get that down in the next couple of weeks. after "eclipse" comes out and you do the publicity for that are you going to forget the word "vampire" for a while? or is there a part of you that might consider jumping back into this pool?

>> i don't know. i don't have anything particularly against vampires. it's, i mean i don't even mind, people have been asking me about "breaking dawn" the last one, if it's going to be split into two. i honestly don't mind. they're great fun to work on and people really like them. yeah, i could do them for a while longer.

>> there's an interview in "details" magazine with you and it's getting some controversial attention. you pose with a lot of naked women in it. i don't really have a question about it. i just want to say, you go et to pose with a lot of naked women . is it inevitable that when you do as many interviews and have as many photos taken of you, as you do, that sooner or later something is going to pop up as controversial.

>> i guess so, if i didn't have to do interviews, then i wouldn't do any. nothing against them.

>> you make me feel real special, robert, thank you.

>> no one is particularly interesting. you know, if you just do pat answers to things, then people get sick of you for that. and you try to think of something to say and people get sick of you for that. but the thing with the naked women , i offered to do a naked photo shoot . it started off with me naked and they were like, actually, just forget it.

>> "remember me" opens nationwide friday, march 12th . we're back. this is "today" on nbc. h altha lt

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