TODAY   |  February 26, 2010

Winter storm wallops Northeast

Heavy snow has buried much of the northeastern U.S. NBC’s Rehema Ellis, TODAY’s Al Roker and The Weather Channel’s Chris Warren report.

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>>> with that powerful storm that is slamming the northeast this morning. nbc's rehema ellis is in new york 's central park . rehema, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, meredith. it is beautiful here in central park , but this nasty weather is creating treacherous conditions. it's a case of here we go again across the northeast.

>> i'm sick of the snow. this weather's horrible.

>> we haven't seen this much snow around here in quite some time.

>> reporter: the slow-moving winter storm with high winds is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in areas of pennsylvania, new york , new jersey and parts of new england.

>> plows haven't been able to get a break. the snow's just coming down so fast that they can't keep up with it.

>> reporter: in new york city , one man was killed when heavy, wet snow toppled a tree branch in central park . hundreds of flights were canceled at east coast airports.

>> unfortunately, the weather has stopped by flight and we're hoping to reschedule.

>> reporter: in philadelphia, highway workers are on overtime again in this record-breaking winter.

>> it's amazing. right now we're right in line with buffalo and syracuse, so i guess we're competing with them for the record this season.

>> reporter: upstate new york is getting hammered. in ft. covington, crews worked to clear an ice jam that's getting worse as snow comes down and temperatures plunge.

>> it started snowing here in binghamton new york before sunrise on thursday morning. overnight we have snowfall rates of one to two inches an hour, and that, combined with strong, gusty winds, led to power outages.

>> reporter: while winter blast may be fun for some, it feels more like punishment for people who had enough.

>> it always seems tougher when you get to march and you can see spring right over the horizon.

>> reporter: people may be glad to see march come and leave the snow madness behind. we should mention, it's so bad that mayor bloomberg in new york city has canceled school for 1 million students today. that's only the fourth time it's happened in six years. ann ?

>> all right, rehema ellis. thank you so much. we've got the weather channel 's chris warren standing by now in doylestown, pennsylvania. that's about 35 miles north of philadelphia. chris, good morning to you.

>> reporter: and good morning to you, ann . we really saw things pick up overnight. now, yesterday, throughout the entire day, even though it was snowing all day long, these streets were bare and wet. so, people here that went to bed early woke up with a much different scene, and you can see all the snow out here. and areas north of here, northern pennsylvania , into new york , much, much hard or worse. so people trying to get into the northeast will have an extremely difficult time flying in. also seeing extensive power outages in locations farther north. schools have been delayed. and people here on the east coast definitely sick of this winter weather . it has been a banner year, a banner season, one that is going to go down in the history books as one of the worst winters in a long time, especially through the mid-atlantic, including the philadelphia area . and it's not over yet. we're still going to see these gusty winds through the morning, and to go along with the blowing snow , we have snow drifts like we have back here, and that's something that travelers, ann , are going to have to deal with. back to you.

>> all right, chris warren , thank you so much. we've got al roker standing by now with more on this. al, how long is this slow-moving storm supposed to hang around?

>> well, right on through tomorrow, ann , and early on into sunday. as we take a look at some of the accumulations we've gotten almost, harriman, new york , almost two feet of snow, goshen, new york , close to that, binghamton, 16. new york city has picked up 9 inches, probably well over 10 inches. you can see the wrap-around as this system brings in moisture from the atlantic, it mixes in with that cold air. so, we're continuing to see the snow. wind's going to be a big problem as well, as winds gust over 35 miles per hour. this intense low right around new york city starts to move out, and as it does, but it's a slow mover. that's the problem. it's going to continue to weaken as it moves out, but until it does, the winds will be a problem, as will be the snow. snowfall amounts over the next 24 hours , here's what we're looking for. generally, three to six inches, but in new york city , we could see up to nine more inches of snow. northern new england could pick up up to a foot more of snow, and in the mountains of west virginia , they could see up to 12 more inches of snow. that's your latest. we're going to see more snow for the next 24 hours . ann ?

>> all right, thank you so