TODAY   |  February 25, 2010

Northeast braces for severe snowstorm

TODAY’s Al Roker says the winter storm sweeping across the country has all the marks of a classic nor’easter.

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>> horrible story. but we begin with the major snowstorm in the northeast. we'll go inside to al for the forecast. good morning, al.

>> good morning, guys. first of all, looking live at morristown, new jersey, the snow already coming down pretty good. in newark, new jersey, it's changing over to snow. this is going to be a big, big storm . as we look at the radar, you can see right along the coast we've got some frozen precipitation, that area of pink. rain along the coast on into new england. but as you get into interior sections, we are looking at snow. the path of the storm , this one really, as it moves up along the northeast coast, it intensifies. as we say in the weather business, it bombs out. it really intensifies and then starts to move inland, bringing in with it colder air and wrap-around precipitation. so, this is going to be a classic nor'easter. we've got flood watches from eastern long island to southeastern maine, rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain along the coast. that causes flood potential. then it changes over to snow. new york city , just new york city , about 9 to 12 inches of snow . scranton, binghamton, up into berlin, vermont, we are looking at anywhere from 18 to 24 inches of snow back as far west as erie, pennsylvania and elkins, west virginia . and add to that wind gusts and sustained winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour, wind gusts of over 30 miles per hour, and you have the potential for some blizzard-like conditions over the next 36 hours . airports already reporting delays and cancellations, schools are being closed in new jersey and new york . this is going to be another big one. now let's go back to matt and meredith .

>> boy.

>> so, what's the good news? all right, al, thank you very much .

>> oh, boy.