TODAY   |  February 06, 2010

How long will winter blast last?

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie speaks with Chris Warren of the Weather Channel.

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>> see that wind. the weather channel 's chris warren is here with us this morning tracking this storm. chris, good morning. how long is it going to be snowing?

>> well, it's going to be snowing in earnest throughout much of the day. in fact, we take a look right here, and you can see this is a widespread storm. we have winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings for more heavy snow throughout the day, and we factor in the wind, which we just saw, and we have a blizzard warning in effect, the d.c. area, baltimore into much of delaware and the jersey shore . so, this will be going throughout much of the day on into the evening. here's a look at where we are seeing the snow right now, and you can see from roanoke up to washington, d.c., new york starting to see a few of those flurries, but the heaviest snow will be going throughout much of the day with some blizzard conditions. savannah, back to you.

>> all right, weather channel 's chris warren . thanks for that. now