TODAY   |  February 02, 2010

It's a boy! Baby is born on TODAY

NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman takes you inside the maternity ward, where a woman is about to experience the miracle of giving birth.

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>>> back now at 8:07 with more of our special series "today goes inside the o.r." we're going to go right back to nbc's chief medical editor nancy snyderman , who is at beth israel deacon medical center in boston, where new mom carrie is about to give birth to her first child. nancy , good morning, again.

>> good morning, meredith . carrie 's abdominal womb has been opened and right now an incision is being made by our two fissions. i'll just call them by their first names. tony's just cut into the uterus, and there's been a squirt of a.m. nottic fluid. you'll hear suction. this is normally when the baby is squished out. so they'll be careful to suck all that fluid out because they don't want too much of it to be in baby's lungs. and in a second, as they go ahead and sort of incise the uterine wall , a hand goes in now to feel that baby and the baby will literally be delivered as it is now, pushing above, pulling below --

>> whoa, we've got a big head here.

>> i see the baby's head.

>> don't know if it's a boy or girl , right?

>> and boom, here's your baby. a baby boy .

>> congratulations!

>> and i should say, this is what mom carrie suspected all along, that it was going to be a baby boy .

>> he's beautiful!

>> suction of the nose and mouth just to get the fluid out. this baby is pink and beautiful. umbilical cord just cut. and now --

>> happy birthday!

>> showing mom. and the baby will now be moved over to mom so mommy can see. way to go, carrie . mom will see this beautiful baby boy . and then as is normal protocol, this baby goes over to an isolet to a warmer where this baby will be checked for all kinds of things -- breathing, color, making sure it's vital. and i want to underscore one thing, meredith . this is a cesarean section that was scheduled. this was in no way done for the "today" show. this was orderly, routine and scheduled for this time frame just the way these are supposed to go. and as happens at countless hospitals all over the country, an extraordinarily healthy birth. that is a robust little baby boy .

>> and we're seeing carrie 's emotion.

>> all is well in boston.

>> and nancy , we're seeing --

>> and meredith , you'll be happy, another red sox fan is born.

>> well, we always need another red sox fan. i'm seeing the emotion from carrie right now, the tears in her eyes. is there any way we can ask carrie or josh, do they have a name for the baby at this point? have they come up with a name?

>> i'm going to come over here so carrie can pick up on my microphone. way to go, mom.

>> thank you.

>> you know what, it's easy to be left behind when the baby gets zoomed over and everybody forgets about mom. first of all, thank you and congratulations.

>> thank you very much.

>> and names.

>> his name is brody rock johnson .

>> brody rock johnson . that is a boy's name.

>> that is a good name.

>> that is a red sox name. brody rock johnson . well, congratulations.

>> thank you so much.

>> and thank you for being such a trooper.

>> thank you.

>> all is well here, meredith . mom healthy. doctors are now sewing up the uterine wall and sewing up the abdomen. carrie 's not going to have any sensation in her legs for a while because of that spinal, but she's going to be great and i think the celebration really now begins, as you can hear some healthy cries across the room. all well here, meredith .

>> dr. nancy , what percentage of deliveries these days are by c-section?

>> well, let me go ahead and ask dr. goldberg. how many operations, deliveries now are done by section versus vaginal?

>> it depends little bit across the country, but it can range anywhere between 25% and about 30%.

>> and indications are baby too big, mom in distress --

>> or baby in distress is a common one.

>> baby in distress.

>> or if a mother has had a cesarean section before.

>> now, the fact that you're sewing up the uterus and you've made an incision that's crossways, not vertical --

>> yes.

>> does that mean that if she gets pregnant again, and the baby is a normal size, she can have a vaginal delivery?

>> absolutely. absolutely.

>> what will you look for over the next couple days as she stays in the hospital?

>> i'm looking to make sure she doesn't have surgical complications such as bleedy or infection, making sure she has adequate pain medication, that she can get up and move around, helping her with breast feeding , if that's what she chooses to do.

>> what i'm looking at now, which i know will be a little too graphic for morning television, is really the uterus delivered out of the abdominal incision and going ahead and closing it, right?

>> yes. we do in so we can actually see what we're doing.

>> terrific. i'm going to leave you for a second and go back over to the baby --

>> let's go over to dad.

>> this bit of oxygen you see going on is very normal. babies sometimes get a little blue , get a little waffly. and a lot of times, meredith , when babies don't come through the birth canal , that squeezing and contractions can push fluid out of baby's lungs, and even in the best cesarean section , there can be a little bit of fluid out of baby's lungs. so suctioning as you're seeing now, a little oxygen is very status quo for a post-section baby.

>> i didn't hear a thug, so i'm sure josh didn't faint through all of this. can we ask him how he's doing?

>> should we put him on the scale?

>> josh?

>> sure.

>> i'm going to lean over to you with my microphone. everyone's focused on mom and baby and you're left out of the cold.

>> no, i'm not.

>> how are you doing?

>> i'm good. i couldn't be happier.

>> how did you pick this name?

>> very carefully.

>> and now he's crying, meredith . now he's crying.

>> very carefully.

>> your wife said she knew it was a boy all along. did you?

>> yeah, i did.

>> he did. well, from all of us at "today," congratulations.

>> thank you very much.

>> and thank you for being so gracious letting us be with you.

>> always remember this, not that i wouldn't.

>> all right. beautiful, beautiful baby boy , meredith .

>> thank you so much. brody , right? brody rock. dr. nancy snyderman , thank you so much. thanks to all the doctors and nurses involved in this delivery and especially to carrie and josh for letting us share such a special moment with them.

>> he's got a good set of lungs, this guy, look at extraordinary.

>> isn't he gorgeous?

>> he's gorgeous. i sense, i don't know, maybe an outfielder there? we'll figure it out.

>> and as you know, meredith , mothers always wonder if they're going to do this again and you get amnesia for all the little hiccups, and boy, all those good endorphins click in.

>> how much does he weigh?

>> 10-pound baby, meredith .

>> wow! he's not going to appreciate that shot when he's older, telling you. he's going to say, mom, dad, for pete sakes!

>> i know. yeah, 10 pounds even. what a robust little baby.

>> yeah. well, they chose the right way to deliver, for sure, by section.

>> sure did.

>> thank you so much, dr. nancy .

>> you bet, meredith . take care.

>> you, too.

>> see you tomorrow in new york.

>> we sure will. and having had my first baby was a section as well, i can tell carrie , it will all work out. she'll be back up on her feet in no time. tomorrow we're going to take you inside the operating room for live brain surgery. he looks so cute. again, our congratulations to carrie , josh and their new son brody . he's a keeper.