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TODAY   |  February 01, 2010

Prince Harry: Like mother, like son

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Amy Robach, Britain’s Prince Harry says his charity work with children is reminiscent of his mother’s “obsession.”

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>>> that's nice.

>>> now to our rare interview with prince hary, over the weekend the 25-year-old followed in the footsteps of his mother, princess diana and made a special visit to barbados . our special correspondent , amy robach had a hans to talk to him and has apparently stretched this out to a six-day trip. good morning.

>> reporter: this is only my fourth day, matt. we were the only u.s. network in barbados and we were with prince harry every step of the way on his charity fundraising trip. it's been months of royal planning and the prince arrived to an overwhelming reception here on the island. *

>> reporter: it's a tropical paradise, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters. but for the 25-year-old prince, who so often finds himself front and center on supermarket tabloid covers and gossip magazines, his royal highness wasn't here for partying or fun in the sun, it was a different side of prince harry . an impassioned and at times emotional prince, who came to barbados to raise money for causes important to him, like sen sentebale , the charity he started with the prince of africa. prince harry arrived straight from combat training , where he's learning the ropes to become an army helicopter pilot. you've just had a whirlwind trip to get here. tell me how the combat training is going? i know you just got off of a pretty big test. you said your exams are over.

>> if i failed my exam and come here, it would have been a different visit. but luckily, thursday i actually passed the flying test. so that's that done now.

>> reporter: so in may we'll be able to call you captain instead of his royal highness ?

>> i'm hoping to become captain whales at some point.

>> reporter: the prince's charity helps children suffering from poverty and aids. its name, sentebale means forget me not, it was created in 2006 , in memory of his mother, principle sis diana, who was killed in a tragic car accident.

>> the same with me and my brother, we both adore children and i think sort of you have that sort of element of kid inside yourself.

>> reporter: the prince had his hands full this weekend. touring a children's hospital, attending a party for orphans and underprivileged children . and dancing on stage at a fundraising event for relief efforts in haiti. and a bit of a scare on sunday -- harry took a stumble at a charity polo match. but he wasn't hurt. his team won the match. but the biggest surprise for prince harry was over a new portrait of him.

>> as you leave, i wanted to get your quick comment about this portrait that was just released, making a lot of news, i see your face. i saw your reaction to your face. what do you think of it?

>> well, i don't know. a little bit more ginger there than i am in real life , i think. and he's got given more hair. apart from that, it is what it is. it's nice. it could have been worse.

>> reporter: the prince took off bound for london last night and we just found out this morning that prince harry raised close to $1 million for his charity sentebale . i know, matt, you spoke last with prince harry in new york exclusively. i want you to know that he said hi and mentioned you, oddly during one of our first exchange. take a look. harry, nice to see you.

>> better looking than matt.

>> i like that, thank you you.

>> that's nice.

>> i just thought you would like to know, he remembered you fondly.

>> a better-looking matt. we did some research, there's a direct flight out thursday, if you want to try to get out.

>> reporter: cool, thank you. i'll