TODAY   |  January 28, 2010

Actress advocates love notes for hungry kids

Jan. 28: Actress and Save the Children Ambassador Julianne Moore reveals winners from the organization’s Valentine's Day card contest.

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>>> the u.s. live in poverty, and for more than 90 years, save the children has provided families and communities with tools needed to break that cycle. oscar-nominated actress julianne moore is the organization's ambassador, and she is with us now, along with five special young ladies, emily, angel, rafaele, tina and stella. did i pronounce that right? is it rafaele?

>> yes.

>> good, i got it right. nice to see you.

>> nice to see you!

>> you came up with this valentine's day art project idea, but this time it was different. you held a contest, and these are the winners of the contest.

>> that's right. these are the winners of an online art contest sponsored by the american federation of teachers and save the children . there were five different age categories, and these are the winners in their age category. and this is their art behind them. these are the cards that were chosen.

>> which are beautiful.

>> they're so beautiful, and these girls are so talented. we're really, really proud.

>> and i guess they'll be sold in a box of 25, 5 of each particular card.

>> right, and all of the money goes to the save the children u.s. program. and the idea behind the program is about kids helping other kids, and you know, you can obviously, by contributing their beautiful art, they've helped and kids can buy the valentine's. the money goes to u.s. programs. and it's about raising awareness of poverty here in the united states .

>> when you think that one out of every six children is living in poverty --

>> it's ridiculous.

>> one out of five in rural areas. that's a staggering number.

>> in this country particularly. we think we have so much. why is it that so many of us have so little.

>> yeah. well, you're incredibly talented. emily, you're the youngest winner at just 7 years old. how did you come up with the idea for your card?

>> well, my teacher did a lesson of responsibility, unity and loyalty, and i just thought that maybe that would help me win if i had put that on there. and it's very -- those are very special words.

>> mm-hmm.

>> and you should know those words. you should have those words.

>> they're very special. loyalty, responsibility and unity. i remember -- i heard you told your mom to get ready to fly to new york because your card was good enough to win, and you were right.

>> it did, that's right.

>> there you go. the cards are wonderful and i know they're going to help a lot of people. for folks who want to find out more, quickly, the website?

>> it's a new we can site launched about these kids and these cards.

>> very good we'll be back after this.