TODAY   |  January 27, 2010

Wax Obamas unveiled

Jan. 27: TODAY takes a look at the president and first lady’s images at famous wax museum Madame Tussauds.

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>>> him.

>>> we're back at 7:50. they may be preparing for tonight's state of the union address , but it hasn't stopped the president and the first lady from spending a little time with us here in studio 1a , kind of. what do we think of these two?

>> amazing.

>> i think they look great.

>> yeah, these are from madame tussauds here in new york.

>> here in new york.

>> and what makes them different from other locations around the world, the outfits.

>> that's right, the inaugural out filefits outfits.

>> inaugural.

>> this is a replica of the dress mrs. obama wore to the inaugural, and obviously, his black tie .

>> how long does it take, four months and a lot of money, down to the last detail.

>> he looks fantastic, and mrs. obama, a dead ringer .

>> but you were saying that in real life , you think her arms are a little more buff than this?

>> in real life , not only are her arms more buff, but i think she's a little taller and has a little bit more broader shoulders --

>> is she as tall as i am?

>> she is taller than her husband.

>> you know what i found in his back pocket --

>> oh, my lord.

>> the state of the union address . i'm going to read this puppy.

>> only you would be rifling through the president's pockets. very nice.

>> you just broke laws in about 15 states.

>> and we've got some wax figures of the secret service to wrestle you to the ground.

>> you won't believe this stuff.