TODAY   |  January 26, 2010

Sealing a last-minute Valentine’s vacation deal

Jan. 26: Travel + Leisure magazine’s Nilou Motamed speaks with TODAY’s Al Roker about planning a vacation for you and your loved one.

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>> to take a fresh look

>>> this morning on "today's travel," romantic getaways for valentine's day. whether you're in the mood for an exotic escape or a roman holiday , "travel & leisure" has terrific ideas sure to appeal to your sweetie. nilou motamed is here. nilou, good to see you.

>> i love how you make me blush. it's perfect.

>> wanted to get that out of the way. a lot of deals.

>> there are lots of rose petals everywhere. lots of great packages that are going to be value-added. this is a good time to book. also, we have three weeks until valentine's day, so we're planning kind of early.

>> so, let's start off, tree house . is a tree house romantic?

>> oh, my god, come on, tarzan, jane?

>> ooh. you want to try that again?

>> no, i can't. i don't want to ruin the mike. yes, of course it's romantic! especially if you're in the middle of a rain forest in costa rica .

>> ooh.

>> the treehouse lodge on the southern coast of costa rica . you're in the middle of a rain forest , absolutely secluded.

>> whoa!

>> there are only four tree houses , and yes, you're surrounded by nature.

>> i don't want to know what the toilet tissue is.

>> so, what's great about this is it's very sustainable, very eco, but you also get to play out the fantasy. you get to lie in hammocks, you get the watch the monkeys at 5:00 p.m ., when they come out, and the iguanas as well. there's a green iguana preserve here. and for $200. that's romantic.

>> comes with its own alarm clock?

>> you have to use your own.

>> you have a great deal at pampering in a spa, naples , florida .

>> well, the ritz carlton in naples , florida , is one of "travel & leisure's" favorite hotels. in fact, it's their favorite in all of florida . so, this is a place to go for a spa vacation, little relaxation. they have a 51,000-square- foot spa .

>> wow!

>> so, there's no question you'll get a great couples massage, but why not do something different? which is, poolside, get an ultimate cabana experience. you rent a cabana for the day, you get a cabana butler. there are four food services , two massages. you get a staffed mini bar . they pamper --

>> how much is all this?

>> it's a little pricey, $500, but if you include all the stuff that's thrown in there --

>> it's not bad.

>> and the fact that you get the cabana for the day, it's not bad. and you're going to be impressing your loved one.

>> i actually rode out hurricane wilma at naples ritz carlton .

>> and did they take good care of you?

>> i had room service during the hurricane. it was terrific.

>> that's the same butler.

>> star gazing in hawaii.

>> you think about surfing, learning the hula, whale watching , and you can do all that. but at night, the fireworks come out, because maui is the star-gazing capital of the u.s.

>> and this is the hyatt regency ?

>> this is the hyatt regency there, and they have what's called an astronomy director. we've heard of the concierge in charge of romance. this is a guy in charge of astronomy. they have an incredible 16-inch telescope, and you can go up to the roof. they have chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne and you can watch the stars.

>> very cool. now, let's go on a roman holiday . casa mane?

>> casa mane. now, if you're going to rome , you have to do as the romans do, and how better than if you have a roman at your disposal? casa manni had a famous architect design a one-bedroom apartment for him in the heart of rome . now, you're minutes from the colosseum, from the forum. that's fine. now what's the next step? he opens up his black book and gives you all of his insider access. if you want to go to the sistine chapel with one of the best art history york yorans in italy, he'll take care of that. if you want to learn how to make kusili with a master pasta maker, he'll do that for you.

>> how much?

>> now, this is a little pricey. this is $800 a night, but for rome , this is actually very reasonable. one more thing, though.

>> yes.

>> if you want to propose, this is the place to do it. you want a michelin star chef to come cook dinner for you in your room and then leave?

>> then leave.

>> i had to mention the leave --

>> unless you have a little extra.

>> no, no, no, they leave.

>> okay. nilou, thank you very much. happy valentine's day a little early.

>> a little early.

>>> all right. how's the state