TODAY   |  January 13, 2010

Aerial view of the horror in Haiti

Jan. 14: NBC’s Kerry Sanders, Ann Curry, Al Roker and Brian Williams survey the devastation in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, by helicopter.

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>> i want to mention that nbc's kerry sanders is also in haiti this morning. he took an aerial tour over port-au-prince, and the images, as we've already seen this morning, are startling. kerry, good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, it's just stunning to get in a helicopter and fly over port-au-prince. this is a city that is crushed, buildings that have collapsed, homes that have just fallen to pieces and entire hillsides that have given way. and in many cases, in those shanty towns where the hillsides gave way, people are inside that rubble. there's a lot of questions of how folks are going to be able to be rescued, digging out the dead. but in many cases, it would appear that folks that are buried in that rubble may be in their graves already. there are just not enough hands and not enough people here who can get through that rubble. we did see one hopeful sign at a school yesterday. there was some mechanical equipment there, a crane that was gingerly removing some of the concrete there, hopefully to get some of the people who may have survived and could still be alive inside that rubble. matt, there was a trauma surgeon who flew in here yesterday from miami jackson hospital, and he said if they're alive, they can survive. we've got about a 48-hour window here.

>> obviously, a lot of people praying for the people of haiti and port-au-prince this morning. kerry sanders , thank you very much. i want to mention,