TODAY   |  January 13, 2010

Tata's tiny car generates buzz in Detroit

Jan. 13: CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports on a new car that is generating a lot of buzz at the Detroit Auto Show. Tata's Nano has a  price tag of around $2,500 and it may be coming to American dealerships soon.

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>>> a point-sized car is causing a huge stir because of its price tag. $2,500. the nano is not available in the u.s. yet but it might be soon. cnbc's phil lebeau is in detroit to give us a look. good morning. when might we see the nano in the united states ?

>> reporter: i think we could see this car here perhaps in three or four years. the reason that it is getting so much attention is the price tag. $2,500. they call it the least expensive mass market car in the world. this one actually -- see the indian license plate. that's because they shipped it over here from india . it arrived yesterday. we were the first ones to have a chance to drive this car. when we took it for a little test drive here in the industrial complex , impressed by the pep in the car and impressed by the handling. you are not sitting in the lap of luxury. they did not build this as a mass market car for those that are looking for luxury. the idea is india was to get families who are riding around on mopeds off the mopeds and into a car. it is a small car . it does the job. $2,500 is the price tag in india . odds are that if this is sold in the united states , once they bring it up to safety and emissions standards as well as to be fit ask finished standards american car buyers have come to expect, they might have to boost the price tag a couple of thousand dollars. there's no doubt in this day and age wherere people are looking for an inexpensive ride, this is a car that gets a lot of attention. it gets 50 miles to the gallon. city driving. 70 on the highway. numbers like that get a lot of attention. it is a koolgtsz cute little car. is it something you would pile the whole family on and go on a two-week vacation, no. for zipping around town, it is very cool.

>> yeah. manhattan, i was just mentioning. i get totally parallel park that car. phil lebeau, thanks so much.