TODAY   |  January 10, 2010

‘Game Changing’ new book opens old wounds

Jan. 11: Capitol Hill is abuzz with controversy after a new book about the 2008 presidential election sends shockwaves through Washington. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> al, thank you.

>>> now to the new book that's sending shock waves through washington, it's called "game change." it has the head of the republican party calling for senate majority leader, harry reid , to resign. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. andrea, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. the new campaign book could become a political game -changer for senate majority leader, harry reid , as republicans ramp up calls for him to resign over a racial comment he made over barack obama .

>> america needs change now more than ever.

>> reporter: reed, an early obama supporter is in 9 crossfire for revelations in "game change" a recounting of the 2008 campaign. according to the authors, reid made demeaning comments about barack obama . when excerpts of the book leaked over the weekend, reid called the president to apologize. the president issued a statement saying -- most democrats are rallying around reid , who is critical to passage of health reform and the rest of the president's agenda. but republicans say rooi should resign as majority leader. the republican nashl chairman michael steele on "meet the press."

>> when democrats get caught saying racist things, an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african- american candidate for president of the united states . the chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head, very much as they were with trent lott .

>> reporter: his point, former republican majority leader, trent lott was forced to quit over racial remarks he made back in 2002 . also in "game change" behind the campaign smiles, obama 's anger at his running mate's gaffes, especially after joe biden 's comment that barack obama will be tested.

>> reporter: the authors say the candidate hit the ceiling. asking aides, how many times is biden going to say something stupid? the book has gossiping accounts over other campaign players, citing that elizabeth edwards was so mad over her husband's extra marital affair, she ripped off her shirt in an airport terminal . telling the president-elect, i can't control him and at some point he'll be a problem. obama said he was prepared to take the risk because he and the country needed her. and the authors write after john mccain chose sarah palin as his running mate, dick cheney called palin a reckless point. spokespeople all declined to comment on the book. but harry reid 's office said he's absolutely seeking re-election and will continue to serve as majority leader.

>>> thank you very much. harold