TODAY   |  December 22, 2009

Gymboree donates clothing to toy drive

Dec. 22: Gymboree's Matthew McCauley tells the TODAY hosts about what the company is donating to this year's TODAY annual holiday toy drive.

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>> on nbc.

>> it is hard to believe, but today's 15th annual toy drive wraps up tomorrow.

>> we have the ceo of a wonderful children's clothing line. welcome to the family , matthew.

>> great to be here.

>> what are you giving away this christmas?

>> this year we're giving all kinds of outfits for boys and girls , newborns all of the way up to 7 year olds.

>> so many people need clothing this time of year.

>> what do you have on your lap here?

>> this is a cute example of one of the jackets that we're giving away.

>> with the little ears and bow on top. animal print. absolutely adorable.

>> how much does this retail for?

>> around $34.50.

>> you have giving how many of these away?

>> 22,000 total. jeans and jackets and tops for boys and girls . $270,000 worth of product.

>> you make giving a habit year-round.

>> we try to. we have a lot of moms and a lot of families that work for us and we're all about kids. we love kids.

>> a happy group of people.

>> a wonderful place to work. we are always looking for great partners to help us get the product in the right hands so we do things with st. jude and we have worked with you on lend a hand.

>> that's great.

>> always exciting when we can make a difference in children's lives.

>> we should warn you that everyone that comes here gets involved for the rest of their lives. welcome. we will see you next year.

>> thank you. we hope so.

>> thank you. merry christmas .

>> maokay. you have one more day to give. come down to the plaza. wring an unwrapped toy with you.

>> or donate from the comfort of your own home.

>>> tomorrow, we'll let you know last-minute gift ideas. and one of our favorite actresses stops buy and stunners perform. they're great. have a great day, everybody. thank you.