TODAY   |  December 02, 2009

Meet the 2010 Olympic mascots

Dec. 2: The countdown to the Vancouver Olympics has begun, and TODAY is introducing the official mascots for the winter games.

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>> well. we're going to walk on over here and show you the new olympic mascots for the 2010 winter olympics in vancouver. and joining us right now is inspector marty chesser, a true canadian mounty. and introduce us to your friends.

>> well, it's an honor to be here. this is quachi, sugi and mega, and we're all here to invite you to the vancouver olympics .

>> now, what are they? i mean, what do they represent?

>> they represent the spirit of the olympics.

>> mm-hmm.

>> i think when you look back at, you know, the excitement that we have in vancouver, british columbia , we're demonstrating excitement right here.

>> well, inspector chesser, thank you so much. guys, it's nice to meet you. uh-oh --

>> here they come.

>> you look like you're a cousin with an ewok.

>> on behalf of the vancouver olympics , here's a president for