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TODAY   |  December 01, 2009

‘Lady Gaga,’ ‘Twitter’ top Googled terms

Dec. 1: “Lady Gaga” was one of Google’s most-searched terms in 2009. Google’s Marissa Mayer talks with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about the search engine’s other most popular searches for the past year.

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>>> right after this.

>>> we're back now to the people, places and events that drove us all to the web in 2009 . google is out with its list of the year's most popular searches. marissa meyer is google's president for products and user experience. nice to see you.

>> hey, marissa .

>> welcome back.

>> what did we learn about people based on searches this year?

>> social is definitely here to stay. we've seen this trend the past couple years, but this year we saw twitter in the number one fastes rising term and also facebook and hi5.

>> and looking at google news, any surprises there?

>> i think google news is always surprising because people go to search for what came up. so, we saw swine flu and singing sensations like susan boyle and adam lambert.

>> image searches for the year, like selena gomez , megan fox -- understandable -- michael jackson --

>> get your mind out of the gutter.

>> any surprises there for you?

>> i think the one that's now obvious but wasn't at the beginning of the year was lady gaga , our number one image search fastest rising term because people are wondering what she looks like. she looks different every time and they want to see all the looks.

>> in terms of top recipe searches for the year, you discovered people are really interested in comfort food , and probably not surprising.

>> that's right. well, we actually see a big trend towards recipes around thanksgiving and christmas, as people do nor entertaining, and this year we saw this trend towards comfort food -- chili, meatloaf, banana bread , pancakes were among the most searched for recipes.

>> meredith's mom's apple pie .

>> thank you very much.

>> and in terms of gifts, yesterday it was cyber monday. what are people looking for online right now?

>> we saw a big lead-up to cyber-monday with terms that includethose terms, zhu zhu pets, american girl , and of course, electronic gadgets, nintendo ds and ipod touch .

>> the little gadgets this year they seem to be attracted to.

>> they like the handheld. i think that works, it's more affordable.

>> a look at the profile of the american public. marissa , thank you very much. happy holidays.

>>> still ahead, a woman with a tabloid linked to tiger