TODAY   |  November 19, 2009

Newseum CEO on Russert exhibit

Nov. 19: TODAY’s Al Roker talks to Newseum CEO Charles Overby about the museum’s new exhibit honoring Tim Russert.

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>> see you tomorrow. and we are here at the newseum, as you mentioned, in a very special exhibit. it is a recreation of tim russert 's office, and it is on display here until 2010 . joining me is the ceo of the museum, mr. charles ogleby.

>> welcome to the newseum, al.

>> you have done a great job recreating tim 's office and bringing a lot of memorabilia here. how did this come about?

>> tim was such a great person and when he died it was like a head of state died. there was an outpouring of love for him, and the humanity of him is shown so well in this office.

>> that's right. and you've got some of tim 's great memorabilia, including the famous or infamous white board -- " florida ! florida ! florida !"

>> who could forget that?

>> it was really amazing. where did this come from?

>> this was the one he had, and he gave it to us right after. we went right to him because we knew it would be a historic board.

>> and who knew he was a jelly belly fan?

>> right, jelly belly in a starbucks cup and all these signed baseballs.

>> wow. so, you have his personal side --

>> that's right.

>> -- and his professional side. of course, the buffalo bills are obviously represented well here.

>> when visitors are able to go into his office, they'll just see tim , the human, the great guy that he was.

>> charles, thank you so much. and it runs through 2010 ?

>> that's correct.