TODAY   |  November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp is People’s ‘Sexiest Man’

Nov. 18: People magazine’s Julie Jordan reveals this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” actor Johnny Depp.

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announcer: only come from hidden valley ,

>>> all right, it's that time you've been waiting for this morning. every year, "people" magazine bestows the title sexiest man alive on one hollywood hunk, and as evidenced on our own show, it's a role these celebrity beefcakes take very seriously.

>> your friends come up and say you're the sexiest man in america. you go, no, no --

>> alive.

>> sexiest man alive .

>> it was a little embarrassing for me because matt damon lobbied so hard for it, you know? and when he didn't get it, i know he was hurt.

>> you're campaigning to be the sexiest man alive on "people"?

>> clooney's been trying to, you know, trying to campaign for me the last few years.

>> really?

>> yeah, it's a whisper campaign , but i feel like it's working.

>> sexiest man in the universe for the what, 43rd consecutive time?

>> the second time.

>> by the way, i should mention, this is a rather rare honor to give the new sexiest man alive the honor and hand it to you from last year's.

>> last year's sexiest man alive .

>> congratulations.

>> oh. that is so nice.

>> there you go.

>> so, the sash goes like that --

>> no --

>> like that.

>> no. yeah, something like that.

>> that is -- and then, you know.

>> "people" magazine has made another smart choice.

>> yes, they have.

>> all right, that was then. "people" magazine's julie jordan is here to reveal this year's honors, and the winner for the sexiest man alive for 2009 is, julie ? drum roll .

>> johnny depp .

>> johnny depp .

>> yes, absolutely.

>> da, da! second time he has been named the sexiest man alive . so, why double dipping and why now? because he doesn't really have a film out for 2009 , right?

>> right. well, the thing about johnny is he has proven his sexiness over the years. jack sparrow , willie wonka , the mad hatter in "alice in wonderland" in january. these characters, he's the one that can pull off sex appeal behind the characters.

>> staying power .

>> they demand that in sexiest man alive .

>> they have staying power . well, i have to agree. he qualifies in my book. there is also a spread in here. this is the "waking up in vegas " spread.

>> yes.

>> and to do the honors, another very sexy man --

>> please.

>> according to your readers, is jeel. tell me about him.

>> we did a feature, "waking up in vegas ," paying homage to "the hangover" this summer, and i like him especially because he says when you go to vegas , it's better to take your friends. he's a happily married man, but enjoys letting loose. i think a lot of husbands out there, including my own, would agree with him.

>> he's got the moves on the dance floor . jeel, come on in.

>> please.

>> here is the intermall man of mystery we've been talking about. see? in france, you kiss, twice, right? thank you.

>> yes.

>> how are you?

>> al roker wanted to give you a kiss, too, by the way.

>> he left.

>> he's going to be here to give you a kiss.

>> we'll kiss backstage.

>> so, tell me, you're here --

>> what an honor.

>> you're here. it's an incredible honor. you've got to be here, though, you know? next year, maybe? yes.

>> whenever the time will come, but i'm so happy that actually johnny depp is the sexiest man alive , because he is. he's a real man and he's been proving for many, many years that he's definitely -- he has the whole package.

>> enough about him. what about you?

>> what can i say about me?

>> you have a project out that you're proud about right now. tell me about this. it's a calendar?

>> yes, yes. a very good friend of mine actually -- oh, here we go. did a calendar and all my proceeds will go to a charity called the maximum hope foundation.

>> yes.

>> so, i'm very proud of that. it helps terminally ill children and families to get through that.

>> so, it's a great cause.

>> yeah.

>> it's something you're passionate about.

>> i wouldn't have had that, but it's a good one. it's a very good one.

>> and it's a very nicely done calendar. i can't tell you which month is my favorite, but al thinks august 20th --

>> august 20th .

>> the date of august 20th . he would like your autograph on august 20th for his birthday. so, we'll have you do that for him, too. and gilles, any other products coming up for you, movies? " sex and the city ," are you back? can you tell us?

>> not really. on the second one, no, but i'm on the dvd, so i don't know, a dream sequence ? i have no idea. they'll surprise me. but no, i'm back on " brothers and sisters ." that's going to be amazing.

>> very good.

>> amazing cast.

>> good.

>> i'm in heaven there.

>> well, we hope to see you on the cover next year, julie .

>> i think future issues, for sure.

>> we're going to start lobbying for you.

>> the whisper --

>> the whisper campaign .

>> do they really campaign? the celebrities do campaign, right?

>> this is a title -- it's a coveted issue.

>> there is a dedication on the photo in the background --

>> for al?

>> for the sexiest man. it's my publicist in the back.

>> oh --

>> there's a silhouette of a female.

>> that's the dedication.

>> so, see what lengths they will get to.

>> it's the publicists who do the dirty work . gilles, julie . so nice to meet you. thank you for being here. good luck can the calendar. it's great cause, even better. thank you.

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