TODAY   |  November 18, 2009

Kristen Stewart on ‘New Moon’

Nov. 18: TODAY hosts talk to actress Kristen Stewart about her new film, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

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>> i like the sides.

>> but first, we're here to say hello to kristen stewart , who plays bella swan , a teenager in love with a century-old vampire in the new "twilight" saga "new moon." good to see you. i know you're not feeling too great this morning. so thank you for being with us. you've been all over the place for this movie.

>> yeah, we have been everywhere.

>> tell us about this installment, because now we have werewolves.

>> yeah, well, my best friend is a werewolf, and i find that about halfway through the movie after the really sort of perfect idea of love is shattered at the beginning of the movie. edward leaves her, and --

>> who's a vampire.

>> yeah, yeah. so, my best friend 's a werewolf and my boyfriend's a vampire --

>> you know how to pick them, huh?

>> yeah, yeah. they don't get along.

>> can i read some of the statistics about this series and these books here? and i know you know all these, but the first movie went on to make over $380 million. the books have sold over 70 million copies. "twilight" dvd, number one movie of 2009 , $8 million. i mean, it goes on and on. does this all register with you?

>> no -- i mean, it does just in the way that i'm so used to doing movies that people don't see, and --

>> we do a show like that every day.

>> yeah.

>> and these guys are running around with their shirts off all day.

>> i know.

>> what's up with that? that's pretty good.

>> they have good reasons not to wear shirts. it's 108 degrees, and when they rage, their clothes rip off. so, it's not just that they look good.

>> but back to matt's question, there's a sense of what has happened to your life. you must have a kind of -- how old are you, 19?

>> 19.

>> 19 years old. and so, this must feel like this amazing opportunity, this amazing -- but intense time. how are you sort of managing with all that intensity?

>> well, luckily, we've been so busy that we haven't had a second to look up and see what it seems like it is on the outside. it seems really crazy, like we live this life, but it's so not true. we made two movies this year, "new moon" and "eclipse." and most of the cast worked in between, too. so, in a way, it's actually the coolest opportunity that an actor could be given because we not only get to explore our character for more than six weeks, which is what i'm used to on like an independent movie , and it's also, i'm never going to be able to share what i love with so many people. this is a once in a lifetime -- i mean, like, we make movies for people. so, this is -- i'll never have -- i'll never have this -- i mean, they call it a phenomenon for a reason.

>> they're lining up to see this.

>> i actually just saw them all right there. i didn't know that.

>> quickly --

>> you're very talented.

>> and you say you're working on a project right now about joan jet . and you've been talking to her for that. does that put extra pressure on you at all when you actually know the character you're going to play?

>> yeah.

>> yeah?

>> yeah, a lot. in a way that "twilight" is a unique experience because you not only have the responsibility to yourself and the people you're working with, but all those people outside.

>> right.

>> the fans and the book. but joan is now such a close friend and this was such a seminole part of her life. it was the most important thing in the world to her and she changed rock and roll for women, straight up, in every way. and people don't know that it actually started with the band the runaways, and she's amazing and it's awesome.

>> well, so are you. you're doing a great job.

>> thank you.

>> congratulations.

>> congratulations on everything.

>> it's so cool.

>> what a dream.

>> remind people that the "twilight" saga "new moon" opens friday and tomorrow, kristen's co-star robert pattinson is dropping by.

>> feel better.

>> yeah, feel better.

>> get some rest.

>> kristen stewart , thanks so much.