TODAY   |  November 04, 2009

Serial killer suspect held without bond

Nov. 5: An Ohio man is being held without bond on aggravated murder charges after the discovery of 11 bodies in his home. NBC’s Ron Allen has the latest on the investigation.

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>>> later today why.

>>> an ohio man is being held without bond this morning, facing charges of aggravated murder after the remains of 11 women were found in his home. nbc's ron allen is now joining us from cleveland. ron, good morning. what more do we know about this?

>> reporter: good morning, ann. to some extent, the investigation here is just beginning. police are going to go through this house behind me inch by inch, trying to determine if there are more bodies buried somewhere on the property or in the walls or anywhere in the house. they're also trying to piece together anthony sowell's life to determine who he came in contact with and where he's been over the years because police believe these murders may have gone back several years and may have happened, some, beyond the cleveland neighborhood. sowell, as you said, is being held without bond. they have also entered his dna into a national database . meanwhile, police are still trying to identify ten sets of remains here, all believed to be african-american women who were strangled. ann, back to you.

>> ron allen this morning. ron, thank you.

>>> a sheriff's deputy, a florida